Exciting 10th Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kid That Will Make Their Day!

When your kid turns 10, it’s kind of a bridging step between being a kid and a fully-grown teenager. This 10th year is obviously quite a significant phase of your son or daughter’s life. So, if you are planning a birthday party for your little one turning 10, you’ve got to be more thoughtful than ever.

Here, we are going to mention some of the most insightful and suitable party ideas for your kid’s 10th birthday! While not all of these ideas may suit your scenario, you should definitely be able to pick one that perfectly matches your family! Let’s get into it!

10th Birthday Party Ideas for Both Boys and Girls

While you may want to make sure that you customize the party according to your son/daughter’s choices, you can pick from a pool of general ideas, as well.

Sports Theme 

It’s obvious that your kid will definitely have some favorite sports. For boys, it’s mostly going to be football, basketball, or baseball. That’s what you can take advantage of while planning for the party. You can decorate the house with a sport’s theme and can ask the guests to come dressed up with a sport’s jersey. You can also arrange a mini-game of the same sport in the backyard or front yard, which will turn the party from a regular one into an exceptional memory.

Movie Theme 

Girls and boys alike, they do have a favorite movie, right? When I was a kid, it was definitely Harry Potter! Even today’s kids are very much into fiction movies like the superhero movies from MCU or DC and lots of other counterparts. So, you should definitely know what type of movie is your son/daughter’s favorite. This way, you can arrange the party with a movie theme. Think about your little buddy is a fan of Avengers! You can invite guests to come in with different cosplay dresses up! That will be marvelous!

Craft Party

You can never go wrong if you involve your kids in something creative at the party! Yes, both the boys and girls will absolutely love it if they are given challenges by crafting different arts! You can easily think of painting as an example! Make the theme a crafting competition for the kids and arrange all the required materials in your house. Anything creative will do in this regard – paint, slime, flower arrangement, make quilling cards – you name it!

SPA Party! 

Alright, so this one is for all those princesses! Having a spa party at your home for her 10th birthday is something unique and exciting. You can make some DIY facial masks, pedicures, and manicure kits at home for your kid and her friends. This will make the day super enjoyable for them, and they will definitely enjoy it more than anything else! Kids will, in turn, mask on them by the others, and they will be kept super busy and making the most of their fun time!

A Pool Party 

Nothing beats the age-old idea of a pool party. If your little champs have reached 10, they are surely learning or have learned how to swim. So, a pool party can be an absolutely perfect choice for their 10th birthday. Make sure you have arranged safety measures around the pool, just in case if something goes out of control. This will keep the boys and girls pretty busy all day and make it a memorable day.

Backyard Movie Time! 

Kids love movies! Yes, a traditional party can be exciting, but if you are combining that with a little bit of touch of a movie night, it’s going to be epic! You can easily use your backyard as a movie theatre for this. There’s nothing fancy to be done. Simply pull up a screen that you can project the image from a projector. Then connect the projector to your laptop, and you are ready to start your mini theatre in the backyard! Kids will definitely love it after they have enjoyed themselves by playing around all day!


Although you may believe that kids only love screaming and playing around, it’s not the case for all. Today, kids love to spend quality time with their buddies overnight and enjoy it every minute. That’s why a sleepover party can be a doubtless choice for your kid’s 10th birthday. Your about-to-be teenager child will be spending the night with their friends and buddies, making his birthday the most memorable one so far!

Magic Show

Oh, this is classic! A magic show can be literally the single most popular birthday party ever! It’s a timeless idea to set your party on fire with some jaw-dropping exhibition of the magic show! The fact is that the magic-show idea still works the same even after all these years. We used to love it as a kid, and our kids love it too! However, you must make sure that the magicians are well-equipped and expert, and kids nowadays know most tricks by simply watching the tricks online. So, yes, that’s a challenge you need to overcome, but it’s going to be fun, for sure.


This one may be the best choice for your daughter and her friends without a doubt! You can arrange a Candyland party for all the cute little candy hunters! Decorate your house with different mini candy stores around the corners and make it a real-life Candyland. The center of attraction should be the giant glass bowl filled with different candies inside. You can try hanging it from the ceiling for a better look, or you can simply put it in the middle of the room, too.


Another good suit for your daughter’s 10th birthday party is going to be a fairytale birthday celebration. Every girl loves fairy tales, even boys! Get all the girls dressed up in their fairy princess outfits and give them glitter to put on their faces to blend into the theme. Don’t forget the butterflies and balloons! Decorate the entire house with as many balloons and butterflies as possible! It’s going to be awesome!

Game Show 

Oh boy! Your kids will love to participate in a game show that resembles real-life shows from the TV. You can always go for daredevil gameshows for your 10-year-old kid and his friends, but make it safe and harmless. Announce that there will be a winner and prizes for participants. This will really keep them busy the whole day, and they will enjoy themselves like nothing else!

Pirate Party 

Let your kid wear those pirate bandanas and one-eye-patches and go ‘Aye Aye Captain!’ with a pirate party theme. Give the kids pirate costumes and let them have a blast with pirate cosplays. Not to mention, you can’t simply call it a pirate party if there’s no treasure box, is it? So, you definitely need to set up a treasure box that the kids will hunt for. Of course, you will fill it up with gifts, toys, and candies for the little pirates to have a happy ending to their awesome pirate journey!

Amusement Park

It’s not imperative that you need to arrange a party at your home every year. Do something different! You can set the party at an amusement park or waterpark and simply surprise your kid and their friends! Make sure that you have food and other supplies ready with you before you head towards the amusement park. Once that is set, the day will be a day to remember for your little buddies, for sure!

Dance Party 

How about a little bit of dance? Well, at least I’m up for it! Kids do love to dance with their favorite rhymes, and you can always make them happy by arranging a dance party for them on their birthdays. Have the kid’s friend come over to your house in dancing costumes and arrange a dancing competition. Reward the best dancer and the participants, as well. This will leave a great mark on their memories for a long time.

Paintball Game

Nothing’s more thrilling and exciting to a 10-year-old than having a great time paintball game with their buddies! You can easily arrange a paintball game on your kid’s birthday in your backyard. Alternatively, there are many paintball gaming centers that you can book for a day for your kids to have more exciting features and feelings.


Finally, you can set up tents in your backyard and let the kids have a campout night there. This is going to be exciting and chilling at the same time, and the little buddies are going to love it!

Final Words 

10-year-old kids are pretty hard to satisfy as they are leaving their lives of being a kid and nearing the teenage period. So, you have to be extra careful of their feelings and emotions while planning a party for their 10th birthday. As you can see, you may pick one of these ideas that we have put here and get going. However, we strongly recommend that you explore the likes and favorites of your kid first and then find a suitable way to celebrate their birthday. It’s going to be fantabulous!