2nd Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

2nd Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

First of all, a big congratulations to you on your second child! It’s great to know that you are becoming a mom again! It’s the sweetest experience that every mother would love to go through again and again, even if it means enduring unearthly pain!

So, how do you let your friends and family know that your kiddo is getting a sibling? Well, we have dropped 15 ideas that you can think of while announcing the arrival of your junior! Hang on till the end to check all these out! Don’t miss number 15; it’s my all-time favorite!

How Do I Announce My 2nd Pregnancy?

So, how do you do it? Well, in this age of social media, it has become a lot easier to announce and declare anything significant. Plus, while it’s still a mess out there for covid, it’s also safe to be at home and use digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., to spread the news that you’re a second mom-to-be!

So, here are some of the coolest ideas of how you can take an awesome picture with a clear message that your little buddy is getting a partner in crime!

Coming Soon! 

You can always surprise your friends and family with a ‘Coming Soon’ message to deliver the news and keep them excited for the big day. It’s best to use a movie poster theme in this case. Try editing a picture yourself or hiring someone who can make a great picture with the ‘Coming Soon’ message. Of course, you will have to give away the ‘subtle’ message with a picture of a baby or maybe even with the ultrasound image.

Two Feet 

This is quite exciting and equally creative. You can announce your second pregnancy without even telling it. You need to take a family picture with only your feet being visible.

Here’s what you need to do. You and your partner will be standing on the two extremes, and your kid will be standing right beside you or your husband. Then, beside him, you need to put on a pair of tiny shoes for newborn babies.

Now, take a picture of this lineup with the feet being in the frame. You can try to take a picture of the lower side, or you’ve to crop out the upper portion later on. Add the message – We are expanding our home by TWO FEET! That’s the pun here.

This way, you can easily indicate that a new member is on their way!

Birth Year

This is also a creative one. Take four pieces of chalkboard and write down the birth year of each one of you. Then hold the chalkboard in your hands and stand or sit side by side. Put the fourth chalkboard in the middle or at the end with the due year on it for the upcoming baby.

This will give away the news that a new buddy is coming home for your kid to play with!

Casual Photography 

This is one of the most common yet effective ways to declare your second pregnancy. Just take a casual family picture of you three with you holding the ultrasound image in your hand. Make sure that the ultrasound image is obvious and noticeable. You could go through some post-edits to shift focus if it wasn’t focused before. It’s best to take this picture in a garden or on a beach. This adds life to the image automatically.

First Baby Strolling 

Get a toy stroller (or an actual one, will do, too!) and let your kid push it forward and take a picture of her. Make her smile as brightly as she can. This is going to be an excellent way you can tell your friends and family that she’s getting a new pal in her home! The message and clear, and the photo is going to be heavenly!

Superhero Sidekick! 

Well, this one is my favorite! Every superhero does need a sidekick, right? Like Batman had Robbin! So, showing that your kid needs a sidekick will definitely deliver the message that you are ready to welcome another superhero in town!

Dress your kiddo up with a superhero costume, cape, and mask. Put a chalkboard, preferably a large one, behind them. Now grab some color chalk and write down, “Every Superhero needs a sidekick! Mine arriving in March 2022!” You need to write down the due month here.

Now take a picture with the writing being readable. This is going to be priceless. People will shower reactions on social media, and your message of a second pregnancy will be successfully delivered!

They Decided to Have Another! 

Ah.. this is going to be so cute and adorable. Again, grab a chalkboard and write down something like this – I’m So Cute (obviously, draw a heart sign) that Mom & Dad decided to have ANOTHER!

Let your kid stand beside the board and put on a great smile on his face. Take the picture and post it on your social media. Now grab a cup of coffee to enjoy the reactions of your fnf!

Oh, hold on! Don’t forget to mention the expected birth month and year on the board!

Only Child Expiring

This one is super adorable and funny at the same time. You need a chalkboard or huge cardboard to write down this message – “ONLY CHILD STATUS EXPIRING…JUNE ‘22”. You get the message, right? Now, you need to put some cute balloons attached to the board to be visible and give a cute message.

Now, make your first child stand beside the message with an ultrasound picture of your unborn second child. Try your best to ask her to make a sad or angry face so that the message looks relevant.

Promoted to Big Bro and Sis 

This can be the continuation of the above idea. Place a card beside your kid that says – ‘Promoted to Big Brother/Sister’. This will also give away the news!

Saving the Seat

Oh, this is going to be pretty awesome. Grab two child seats and put them in your garden. You can place them in your home, as well, if you want, but make sure it’s well-lit out there.

Now, take two chalkboards or cardboards and write ‘One’ on one and ‘Two’ on the other. Beneath the word ‘Two’, write down the expected birth month and year for the unborn child.

Now, let your first kid sit on a chair and hold the ‘One’ sign in her hand. On the second chair, place the ‘Two’ sign on it. Make your kid give the brightest of the smiles here and take a picture.

This will show that the second one is due and your baby is delighted to have a sibling!

Tea for Two

This is a similar one to the above. However, it’s a bit more dramatic and needs some props, too. Place a table and two chairs on both sides of the table and decorate the table with some props to make it look like a fairy tale’s tea table. Place your child on one seat and put a chalkboard sign on the ground or on the table.

The board should say – Tea for Two. This will mean that your child is waiting for tea for two, the other one being its sibling! Message successfully delivered!

Dad’s T-shirt 

The dad can also give a subtle message of the second child, too! Order a custom T-shirt online with the message – ‘DAD2or ‘Player 2 Ready’. Wear it and take a photo with your wife and child. Post it on social media, and your friends will definitely get the message!

Fun with Pregnancy Test Kit

This is something you can easily make a memory with. Just take the pregnancy test kit you have used and put it in front of the camera. Make sure your first kid is behind it and sleeping. Write ‘Hi Bro/Sis!’ on the kit and take the picture. This is going to be timeless and priceless at the same time!

Studying Kid 

Like the geography ones, take a large-sized book and wrap the cover with white paper. Write down – ‘How To Be A Big Sister/Brother’. Now let your kid sit down with the book and make her give you a face that it’s trying to read the book. Place an ultrasound image right beside the book so that it’s visible. Well, people will definitely get the message!

Ultrasound and Ultra Happiness! 

Finally, this is my all-time favorite! Nothing gets simpler than this. Just hold up the ultrasound image on your hand and put your kid in the background. Make sure your kid is giving an expression of ultra-happiness! Put no caption on the image and just share it as it is! This is going to be epic!

Final Words 

So, which one did you like? You can use any of these ideas to announce your second pregnancy that will surely blow the minds of your fnf! Just make sure you are being creative enough.