6 month pictures ideas

6 Month Pictures Ideas You Should Definitely Try

The sixth month of a baby is actually a magical time. It can already sit down and tries to actively interact with the parents using adorable babbling that can melt anyone’s heart. It smiles and laughs like crazy and keeps reaching out to parents dragging itself on the floor! This is a perfect time to snap some memorable pictures, without a doubt.

So how do you pose your baby? What’s the ideal way to shoot some amazing photos for your kiddo? In this piece, we are going to show you 15 awesome picture ideas for your 6-month-old angel! Let’s go!

1. Tender Portraits 

This is the simplest way to lock your baby in the frame forever. Just snap some portrait photos, the old-school way, and you can do some post-production for the magic to happen. For this type of image, you don’t need fancy setups. You can easily snap the photos in any studio or, more conveniently, in the open air.

If you wish, you can get creative, as well. A few props can add to the beauty of the picture. You can easily use a carton box and put your baby inside to give it a unique look. You can also put on some kind of bandana or headband on the head if it’s a girl.

2. Go, Black and White, 

Nothing beats the good old black and white picture! With advanced cameras today, B&W pictures are way more attractive and livelier than before. You can capture the memorable moments of your 6-month-old with a black and white filter. However, you need to make sure you are creating a contrast between shadows and highlights.

Don’t forget to make your kid give an expression. B&W pictures come alive when the subject has some kind of expression on it. It can be the baby looking at you with wonder, or even a smile will do. Then again, you can go for a retro-style capture, too. Put the baby on its tummy and take the picture from various angles. Choose the best one as the final one.

3. Floral Style 

This one is particularly pretty much suitable for daughters! You can literally place your baby in a floral setup and get an amazing shot. Yes, you can edit the picture with photos of flowers in the post-production, but it’s no way near the originals.

To do this, you can put your kid in a bowl or a box colored with pink and put different flowers behind it. Or, you can also surround it with a lot of flowers and then take a picture. It’s best if you can set this up in a studio as there will be sufficient light from different angles. Alternatively, you can place it in the open air or in the middle of a flower garden, too.

4. Photo With Sibling 

This is going to be amazingly cute. If this is not your first kid, then definitely it has a sibling. If yes, then you can also use both of them in a single frame for a classic picture. Here’s what you can do. Put both of them in an open field, preferably in a hayfield that gives you a yellowish shade. Most importantly, there should be sufficient light, so choose any time between 10 AM to 2 PM.

Now, place the elder sibling in a sitting position and let it hold the baby in its lap. It can hug the baby or cuddle it while sitting, interacting with each other. Snap multiple shots and pick the most adorable one.

5. Predict The Future 

We all have dreams for our kids. What do you want your kid to become in the future when they grow up? Well, of course, they have their own decision while they start maturing, but hey, we all have some kind of plans. You can use that theme for the 6-month-old photography, as well.

For example. You want your kid to become a basketball player one day. Just put some basketball kit on it and place a basketball beside it. There you go, a perfect way to picture the future and a great photo to be captured!

6. Two Pictures in One 

Another creative way to capture the little buddy’s expression is to use a double picture theme. In this pose, you need the kid to hold a photo frame with its own picture in it. The picture can be the newborn one that you have captured just after it was born, or it can be a few weeks old.

Dress up your child as a bit grown-up, and the picture will have a lot of meaning to it. It will show the fact that the baby is growing up and going strong!

7. Photo In Front of a Mirror 

This idea suits better daughters! The theme is simple. Your kid will be facing towards a mirror and smiling. That’s it; you will take the perfect snap of your life at the very exact moment. To prepare for this, you need to dress your daughter up like a princess, of course. Then place a mirror that has a frame of the same color as her dress.

Now place some pillows or cushions around her, make her sit in the middle. Place a flower vase, a large one perhaps, by the side of the mirror. Now comes the hardest part. Make your kid look right in the mirror and smile at her own face. Yes, it will take a bit of time, but that’s the tradeoff here.

8. Play A Chef! 

Alright, we all know how terrible it can get with kids having food! You can turn this disaster into a memorable event by dressing up your kid as a chef. Make it sit down on the table with some food in front of it. There are no set rules here, but the preferable item should be a baking scenario. It will drown its hand in the baking powder and all and will give a precision laugh at the camera.

That’s when you capture the big moment! You can also use some other food items here and there to give life to the picture. There you go, perfect 6-month-old photography!

9. Play a Character 

If your kid has turned 6 months, it already has a favorite cartoon by now! Yeah, it should be nodding happily if it sees its favorite cartoon character on the TV or on your phone, right? This can be a great opportunity for you to create a spectacular moment. You can easily turn it into its favorite cartoon character in no time with a few props.

10. Picture with Favorite Toy 

There’s no better way to make your baby happy and smiling than letting it play with its favorite toy. Now, we all have tried this once in a while to make it smile during the photo-shoot, but this idea itself can be a photo theme.

Just let it have the toy it loves the most and see its reaction. This will be definitely priceless. Then take the photo with the toy in its hand, and the photo you will get should be a prime example of what a natural photo is like.

11. Fairy Tale Character 

Another great idea is to turn your baby into a fairy tale character. If you have a daughter, you can’t simply run out of ideas in this case. Just have a look at all the princesses we have in the Disney world! Choose the best fit for your daughter and dress it up like that character. The same applies to the boys, as well.

Now, you can set up a studio for the shoot or go open air for this. However, if you choose characters like Elsa from Frozen, it’s better if you choose winter for the photoshoot, or you can also go for post-production edits.

12. Marine-Style Shot 

This is another clever idea. You can set up a little boat or make one yourself and put your kid inside it in a marine costume. You can dress it up with a NAVY suit or classical captain dress. It’s best if you can shoot the image beside a lake or river, but having shot it in the studio is also going to be fine.

13. Outdoor Bubble 

Place a large bathtub; it can be a huge saucepan, too, outside and fill it up with water. Place your baby inside and just blow bubbles around it. This is going to be magical!

14. Family Shoot

Finally, who said it should only be the kid who will be in the photo? You can be in the photo too! Take your kid on your lap and sit beside your spouse. You can also take this photo while standing. It’s best if you can manage an outdoor shoot. That’s it; the simplest ever 6-month-old baby photoshoot!

Final Words 

When it comes to photo-shooting a 6-month-old, creativity knows no bound. These babies are little fairies that you can find hundreds of ways to take their pictures, and they will still look stunning. Check out these ideas we have shared, and you will definitely end up getting a masterpiece of your kiddo!