All White Decorating Ideas

All White Decorating Ideas For Party

Going all-white for a party is easier said than done. Of course, an all-white theme is definitely a lucrative way to make your party stand out. But finding the appropriate ways to decorate the entire party with an all-white costume is a daunting task, for sure. That’s where we come in!

If you are looking for all-white decorating ideas for a party, we have plenty of ideas that we would definitely like to share! We are going to make a list of different options you have to decorate your party as a white wonderland!

Let’s get into it!

All-White Party Outfits! 

There’s probably going to be no debate if the party-attendants are going all-white when it comes to their attire. This is going to make it so lovely and lively at the same time if the theme of the party is white color.

As the party host, you need to take the responsibility to make specify the dress code to your guests while you are inviting them. Be precise that the outfit they will be wearing should be pure white, or at least, the majority of the color should be white. There should be no difference between casual and formal dress-up. So, you can leave that up to the guests to choose, as long as the color is white!

White Invitation Cart 

Okay, apart from the fact that you can specify the white dress code for your guests, you can also express the subtle nature of the all-white party theme through the invitation card. The card should be totally white. You can find white invitation cards online, along with white envelopes.

In case you are not that lucky to find some online, you can easily make these cards yourself. All you need is some drawing cards that are pure white and just cut them out into the rectangular shape of cards. You can also use regular A4 papers to make white envelopes, as well.

White Party Decoration Props 

So, now that you are concentrating on the party decoration, you should be putting emphasis on the props that you would be using the decorate the house or the party space. In this segment, there’s probably no competition to replace the age-old white balloons, is there? You can get white balloons at any nearby shop, or you can also get some online.

Make sure you don’t overdo it and place the balloons at different corners hanging from the ceiling. You can lower the balloons as low as possible if the ceiling is too high. Just make sure they don’t make it annoying for the guest to move.

Then again, you can put a white shimmer background behind the actual party table. This will make it super cool, and the center of attention should be the background, as the table will be filled with food and other stuff that the guests will be putting down and lifting from. Do not colorize the background to such an extent that it won’t indicate that it’s an all-white party!

White Party Centerpiece 

This one is for the dining table that you will be placing in the middle or on one side of the party space. While it’s obvious that the serving plates will be definitely white, you should also consider putting white centerpieces that will make the party look even gorgeously white.

All you need to do is just place one or more white centerpieces in the middle of the table or at regular intervals if the table is long enough. Don’t overdo it; keep it simple. Make sure that the showpieces don’t cause any obstacles for the guests while they have their food.

All White Food

All white food? Is that a thing? Well, turns out it actually is a thing! If you search for some quick recipes online, you will find a number of white food ideas that you may find quite amusing. For example, you can easily bake some food at home using milk, yogurt, sugar, vanilla ice cream, rice, etc. In case you didn’t notice, all of these items are either white in color or at least turn whitish when you are putting them together.

These white foods will add to the look of the party and make it pretty much in line with the all-white theme, for sure!

White Drink! 

Yes, this means you may need to ditch colorful drinks and switch to white ones! You can always welcome your guests with a nice cold glass of lemonade that will refresh them as well as serve the purpose of the white-themed party!

White Cake! 

And there you have it! The center of all attention – the party cake! You should definitely go for a big, white cake that will blow life into the heart of the whitish party! Along with the cake, you can also choose to distribute white candy to the guests! Get a bunch of white candy and set them as a buffet treat at one side of the party. The guests will help themselves by picking up the candies themselves!

Decorate the Table! 

If the dining table in the middle is not white in design, you can place a white cover over it. Make sure you cover the whole table up to the feet and don’t leave any space in between. Use white chairs, if possible, to match the white table. Otherwise, you can use white covers for the chair, too.

White Curtain! 

Don’t forget to cover the windows with stunningly pure white curtains. This is going to be super cool and will add to the whitish theme quite genuinely. Imagine there’s a gentle breeze blowing, and the white curtains are dancing in the air – that’s going to be the dream party environment you could imagine!


When it comes to arranging an all-white party, there’s truly no boundary for your creativity. We have discussed some of the most common yet attractive ways that you can turn your all-white party into a special and memorable one. However, if you can think it through, there are numerous other ways you can turn the party into a lively one!