Alternatives to Tummy Time

10 Easy and Effective Alternatives to Tummy Time

Besides the fact that a child looks heavenly cute while having a tummy time, it has extreme health benefits. Tummy time develops your baby's core muscles and prevents the head from getting flat. Plus, it develops the sensory absorption of the body, and it can explore different types of posture and physical positions that aids in developing the overall physique of a child.

But all of these are possible if your baby is willing to have a tummy time! Oh yes, most of us have definitely faced this – my child is NOT enjoying tummy time! Yeah, it’s kind of irritating, but that’s what it is. Children have swinging modes and don’t want to have tummy time every time you roll it over. So, what to do if your baby isn’t interested in tummy time?

Well, we do have a number of alternatives that serve the exact benefits that tummy time does. In this piece, we will find out!

10 Alternatives to Tummy Time 

So, here are the 10 different ways you can try instead of tummy time. You can apply one or more to check if your baby is feeling comfortable or not.

Side Lying 

Laying your child on its side is also a great alternative to tummy time. Just make your baby lay on its side with its arm stretched. What’s better in this position is you can switch the side as you want. This will give the child a feeling of having options to be comfortable as it wants. Then again, the best part is you can lay right beside it and give it the best view it wants – the face of its mother!

Lap Laying 

Yes, you need to make the baby lay on its tummy, but who said it needs to be on the bed? Make your lap the best bed a baby can have! Put something comfortable on your lap, like a soft cushion or pillow. You can also use a pile of cotton cloths and make it a comfy bed for your baby.

Now make your kid lay on the lap bed on its stomach. Don’t stretch your leg in a 90-degree position. Your child won’t be able to have a look at your face. Instead, place your legs at a 135-degree angle. This way, the baby will be lying in a comfortable position and will get to have a look at your face at the same time.

Tummy to Tummy 

Another simple yet effective alternative to traditional tummy time is tummy-to-tummy therapy. The process is as simple as it sounds. You need to lay down on your back and take your child over your tummy. This way, your baby will face you and have a clear look at your face.

This process has two benefits. One, the baby will get an excellent tummy time without getting tummy time. Two, it will gradually develop its neck muscles as it will try to keep it upright while facing you.

Holding The Tummy Downwards 

Although this is not actually anything that represents a tummy time, it does serve the same benefit. You need to carry the baby around with your hands placed under its chest and tummy. This way, you can lift it from the bed and move around. This way, you can pick it up and wander around in the house so that the baby doesn’t feel bored. At the same time, it will not feel bothered being in a tummy time session, either.

So, that’s two benefits in one go. However, you need to make sure that you are holding the baby correctly while adopting this posture. Don’t pick it up like a cat; make sure it is in a floating position, and you are distributing its weight evenly on both you’re your hands.

Front Carry 

This one is pretty similar to the previous one, except that you have to position the baby in a forward-looking state. Pick the baby up and hold on to it by its ribcage. Make sure you are holding the rib and the tummy at the same time, distributing the weight pretty evenly around your hands.

Now, make sure that the baby can lift its head and look forward. Make its buttocks touch your tummy. Now move around the house, showing it the whereabouts, and spend the tummy time like this. This is going to be fun for it and will also serve the purpose of a tummy time session.

Lap Swing 

Another exciting way you can give your baby tummy time is a lap swing session. What you need to do in this case is to sit on the floor or on the bed with your legs stretched. You need to place your legs parallel to the ground and straight. Now put some pillow or cushion on the legs and make it comfortable for the child.

Put the baby on the leg with its tummy on the leg. Make sure its hands and legs are hanging from the sides of your leg. Now gently swing your legs sideways. This will give the baby a comfortable time, and it will definitely enjoy it. Plus, if it’s nap time for it, this will also slowly let it fall asleep in no time. So, you get both the benefits from a single act!

Tummy Time with Feeding! 

Well, a lot of new mothers wonder how many positions are actually worth it while breastfeeding their babies. Well, guess what? Feeding your baby in a tummy time position is actually one of the ways you can breastfeed your baby. The best part is, you can lay relaxed while you feed your kid!

Simply put your child on your chest and start feeding it. Alternatively, you can put a pillow on your side and make your baby lay down on the pillow. This would mean that your kid will be lying at a 90-degree position on your body, but that’s okay. So, choose any of the two ways to feed your baby, and it will have a tummy time without even making it have one.

Tummy Time with Diaper Change 

Another interesting way you can achieve tummy time is by just lifting your kid right after you have changed the diaper. Whenever you are changing the diaper, simply place your hands under the baby’s arm and lift it up. Suspend the baby from the air and let it stay as it is.

This will help the child to tighten its neck and shoulder muscles. You don’t need to move it around; simply keep it in that position for a few minutes. Do this every time you change the diaper, and it will serve as the regular tummy time.

Use A Carrier 

A carrier wrap is a good option for carrying the baby around. This works as the perfect method to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscle. Why is this an excellent choice? Well, in this case, you can easily carry your baby with you wherever you go and still serve the purpose of a tummy time.

You can go outside or chill and work at home while the baby is with you on your chest in a vertical position. It will continuously try to uphold its neck and head, eventually developing the muscles.

Play With the Kid! 

How about giving your baby a tummy time while you play with it? Well, that’s a great idea, isn’t it? However, this idea applies only to your child if it’s a bit older. You can carry your baby on your hands, curling your legs and laying the child on both of them. Make it feel like it’s riding an airplane on your legs!

This will give it a feeling of playfulness, and at the same time, you will be able to have eye contact with it. Not to mention, it will also be able to try to lift its head and neck to keep up with you, resulting in the best way to strengthen the muscles!

Final Words

So, these were the 10 most awesome alternative ways you can give your baby a tummy time if it doesn’t want to lay on its stomach! Yes, it’s pretty tough to make your baby fall in love with this posture, but you can easily achieve the benefits by applying one or more of these techniques that we have discussed here today!

Good luck!