Tummy Tuck

7 Effective Alternatives to Tummy Tuck

If you have recently shredded a significant amount of weight from your body or just become a proud mom, loose skin is definitely one problem you can’t skip worrying about. Well, you are not alone; there are thousands of men and women around the globe who are constantly looking for a permanent solution to this. Obviously, tummy tucking by lying under the blades of a surgeon doesn’t appeal to everybody.

We have some good news if you are also trying to duck having surgery to get a flatter tummy. In this piece, we have discussed some alternatives to tummy tuck that will let you be in shape without having to cut down your skin.

What’s a Tummy Tuck? 

Tummy tucks are surgical procedures that remove excess skin from the abdomen and tighten muscles and connective tissue. They are performed to correct problems such as loose or sagging skin after pregnancy, childbirth, weight loss, or aging.

Tummy tucks have become very popular over the years. They are usually performed under general anesthesia and involve cutting through the skin and muscle tissue to remove excess fat from the abdomen. The procedure can be done either via open surgery or laparoscopically.

A tummy tuck is often recommended for women who want to look slimmer and firmer. The procedure can also improve posture and enhance self-confidence. There are different benefits that are associated with a tummy tuck process.

  • Reduce belly bulge
  • Remove stubborn fat deposits
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Improve posture
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Restore body contour

But despite the fact that a tummy tuck is a good choice to get rid of loosened belly skin, it’s not the only choice you have to get that lean and flattened belly. Luckily, there are a few alternatives to tummy tuck that may even save you some bucks. These alternatives are both surgical and non-surgical, so you’ve got your own choice, as well.

Alternatives to Tummy Tuck 

So, here are 7 alternatives to tummy tuck that you can choose and get the same result.

1. Cool Sculpting 

Getting rid of that stubborn and concentrated belly fat can be a very challenging and exhausting task if you rely on diet and working out. For some certain body types, it’s actually not that easy to shred the fat and get a lean set of abs. That’s where cool sculpting comes into play. It’s for those who don’t want to go through the scary surgery process and still want to have the best output compared to a tummy tuck.

Cool sculpting works with tiny pockets of fats. So, that means if you are not an overweight person by having some stubborn fat issues on your belly, this is going to work the best for you. However, you will also need to have an excellent skin elasticity that will make things just easier for you.

In this process, there’s a cool sculpting device involved that can execute pretty intense cold into the fat cells of your abdominal area and simply breaks them down. That’s not the only thing; even after the breaking down, these damaged and dead cells are automatically removed from your body following a natural and harmless procedure. The best part is that it can reduce up to 20% abdominal fat, making it even more exciting.

That being said, you can easily shred some fat by going through a single session only. And if you are suffering from too much fat, you can also opt for multiple sessions to clean that fat off your belly in no time.

2. ThermiTight 

Thermitight is another non-surgical method that uses heat instead of cold to burn off fat from your abdominal area. It involves a device that is known as the ‘Thermi’ device. This device provides thermal energy to the belly section. This energy slowly heats up the abdominal region and thus heating up the fatty tissue in that area.

This way, the excess fat is slowly burnt and melted down, and eventually converted into energy for your body. Although it may sound like a complicated process, it’s actually quite safe and easy to apply. Moreover, the process is conducted through an expert surgeon, which means it’s all the safe hands.

3. BodyTite 

BodyTite is a technology that is well-known as Radiofrequency assisted liposuction. This is most commonly known as RFAL. It’s an invasive process that applies local anesthesia to flatten the loose belly skin. This way, it also eliminates belly fat that is piled up on the abdominal area.

The process involves two probes that come with tips that can maneuver with the other. The lower prob has a thin cannula made from metal that is channeled under the skin with a small incision. This way, the bodytite machine will pass radiofrequency energy to the belly fat tissues and eventually breaks them down.

4. Emsculpt

Emsculpt is a tightening and toning process that provides the same result as a tummy tuck surgery. This process involves muscle contraction that eventually tightens the belly skins and muscles to give you a more flattened and toned look.

5. Renuvion 

Also known as J Plasty or J Plasma, Renuvion is a non-surgical process that helps your skin get toned and tight. The technique offers a controlled amount of heat that is applied to a specific area, i.e., the abdominal region. There’s a tiny incision placed in the abdomen where the doctor will keep the renuvion device.

This way, the device will pass radiofrequency with pro helium gas. This unique combination then becomes a stream of energy that produces heat that shrinks the skin.

6. Exilis Elite 

Exilis Elite is another non-surgical process to flatten abdominal skin. The method uses a machine that applies RF technology to get to the death of the belly skin and stimulates the development of collagen. It eventually makes the skin toned, more even, and tighter.

7. Profound Skin Tightening 

Lastly, you can apply the profound skin tightening method to tighten your belly skin. This method involves a combination of micro-needling and radiofrequency for re-contouring the belly skins. The needle penetrates through the skin to pass thermal energy out of the radiofrequency that eventually develops elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. These elements cause the skin to get tightened and give you a flattened tummy.

Final Words 

So, these were the 7 alternatives to tummy tuck that you can adopt if you are not ready or don’t take the risk of surgical procedure. However, all of these techniques involve some sort of medical equipment that may not suit your body or skin. That’s why it’s best to discuss with your doctor or an expert surgeon before deciding on using one or more methods mentioned here.  

Good luck!