Angry Bird Party Ideas

Angry Bird Party Ideas- Top 11 Ways You Can Arrange

For all the crazy Angry Birds fans out there, throwing an Angry Bird-themed party is one of the most exciting things you can do for your fellow 'Angry-birdians'! But how do you do it? Surely putting Angry Birds cushions here and there doesn't make it a themed party in any way. So here we are to the rescue.

We have piled up some of the coolest ways you can throw an Angry Bird-themed party pretty easily. If you are creative enough, you can find something on your own, but these are the top 11 ways you can arrange a party with the fierce birdies and the villain pigs! Let's go!

1. Angry Bird Cookies 

Nothing's going to be as exciting as eating the Angry birds and the kids! You can start it off by preparing some hot-baked and delicious Angry-bird cookies! If you've got kids who love these birdies, they will definitely be excited and happy to get these characters served on their plates.

Of course, you need to make these cookies as colorful as possible. That's because the characters come in different colors and shades that you can imitate with good food color choices. Bake well so that the cookies don't get fragile and can be kept hard for a long time for the party.

2. Angry Birds Cake! 

Another brilliant way you can eat these birdies and pigs is to bake a cake! You can invest all of your creativity here to prepare some delicious cakes. You can go for a single-piece regular-sized cake with a decorated picture of the birds and pigs on the top. Or, you can choose to go for multi-layered ones to add some more excitement.

You don't need to print the pictures on the cake simply; rather, you can take your creativity to the next level by shaping up the characters, too. Design the cakes with the birdies on the bottom and the pigs on the top! For the bottom layers, it's okay if you want to go round-shaped for balancing it.

3. Cake Pops

If you are not into designing the entire cake with the pictures of the shape of the characters, there's another way you can make it work – cake pops! The cake pops can be made and designed as the game character and will look pretty exciting and delicious at the same time over the cake.

You can easily make these pops with a vanilla cake that's stuffed with sweet M&M's. The pops will look amazingly relevant with this combination, and the theme will scream for itself. The kids are going to love it as they will be the first movers to attack the pigs on the cake, LOL!

4. Angry Bird Oreo Cookies! 

Alright, this is something new and creative. You can easily blend the Oreo cookies into the Angry bird's theme in a few simple steps. The best part is, you don't need to make it harder on you to make these cookies. The Oreos should be as these are. All you need to do is coat the cookies with melted green chocolates!

Yes, you can make these as the shapes of pigs and birds that look exactly like the game characters! These cookies will definitely add a lot of fun to the party table and, at the same time, taste amazingly delicious.

5. Pop the Pig! 

Okay, we had enough of the pigs invading the bird's territory! Time to take revenge on or own! Get some balloons that come with the shape and design of the pigs! Alternatively, you can also get some green balloons and inflate them up to a standard size. Now, you can draw the balloon's eyes, nose, and mouth and give them a pretty nice pig look!

Now, arrange all the balloons against a wall or a board that holds the balloons together. Use a popping gun and call for a competition to shoot the pigs right away! This will give life to your party as kids and adults alike will definitely like to take down some of those pesky pigs! Go for it!

6. Angry Birds Marshmallow!

Oh, don't you love it! You will definitely fall in love with the marshmallows that come in the shape of Angry Birds and pigs! These are going to be deliciously attractive at the party! I just love the no-bake formula for these marshmallows. You can prepare some in your own home pretty easily.

You need to use marshmallows and simply coat these with red melted chocolate and then design and decorate these with sunflower seed. Of course, these seeds need to be chocolate flavored. Try to imitate the characters as far as you can. Put toothpicks under the marshmallows to hold them with hands. There you go – you've got some yummy Angry bird marshmallows!

7. Live-Action Angry Birds Game! 

This one is my personal favorite! I don't know of any better idea than this one in any party that has an Angry birds theme – a live-action Angry birds game! Yes, this may take a while and an effort to prepare, but hey! That's the party, right! You need to set up a life-size slingshot for this.

The good news is, that's the only thing that you need to be creative about. Just make the slingshot using some PVC pipes and wrap the pipes with colorful pieces of clothes. Use a large elastic ban

As for the birds, you can easily use cushion-made Angry birds and pigs. Pile up the pigs a few meters away and throw the birds from the slingshot, just like the game itself. Divide the guests into different teams and arrange a competition. This will be one of the most memorable events of your life for sure.

8. Bean Bag Toss with Angry Birdies 

Another exciting and fun way you can arrange a game for the party is the Angry Birds Bean Bag Toss Game. You can easily use the handmade Angry bird's bean game for any Angry Bird-themed party, whether it's a birthday party or a fun night over. Here's what you need to do.

Simply use a plywood board and paint it so that it looks like the background of the Angry Birds game. Now cut out 5 circular shapes on the plywood. Use the pig-shaped cutouts to hang from the holes and make them perfect targets! You can make your own Angry Birds character bean bags or go for regular ones to match the colors.

9. Pin The Beak Game! 

Looking for something simple? Well, you've got the pin the beak game as a great option! The purpose is to make the guests be blindfolded and try to put the beak on the bird's mouth. Heres' how you can do it. Simply make a game board with a Bristol board and use a marker to draw a large-sized Angry bird face on it.

Now, cut out some beak-sized shapes and color them yellow. Pin those beaks around the picture. Blindfold the guests and let them take out a beak and pin it back to the right place on the picture. You can give marks based on the accuracy of their placing.

10. Angry Birds Can Toss Game! 

Another simple yet fun game should be the Angry Bird Can Toss game. This is fairly easier and more exciting than any of the options here. All you need to do is paint some cans (any cans will do) with green color and draw the eyes and nose, etc., of the pigs on the can. Try to design at least 6 cans like this.

Now, put three cans on the bottom and place two over them, and finally the last one on the top. This will give you a perfect can toss scenario for an awesome game. Use an Angry bird ball (you will find them in any store) as the tossing ball. Brace yourselves, and let's hit some piggies!

11. Angry Birds Balloon

This is fairly obvious that you can decorate your entire house with Angry Birds balloons. The best part is, you can easily get these character-shaped balloons at any local store or online. If that's not possible, you can do it on your own. Simply pick some white balloons and paint the birds' faces on them. Make sure to inflate them before you paint. Now, place all these balloons at different corners and places of the house.

Final Words 

The best part of having an Angry bird-themed party is it's equally fun and easy. You can literally think of many different ways to decorate the party. If you are not into being creative, simply pick the ideas from the list we have made here. You can pick one or multiple at the same time to make the party lively. Best of luck!