basketball shoes for wide feet

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet players

Best basketball shoes for wide feet

Top of our discussion this week is another top basketball shoes for wide feet to wear for a basketball players. Getting sizeable basketball foot for wide size players is another challenge faced by couple of players across the world, once the size of your are wider feet than the average shoe size, getting shoes for yourself requires planning and extra lookout to get one for yourself.

It is believed that, knowing the type of shoe one needed before leaving the house for the seller shop quite help in buying the appropriate one. I believe that as a wide feet player, you wouldn’t want to go to the market to go and get shoes made with rigid materials, as it is a known fact that synthetic don’t expand or elastic.

This situation as faced by the general populace also applies to the players that play basketball either on the court or out of court. On this piece we help compile the top ten shoes that fit perfectly for the wide feet players, this will give you first-hand information before you head to market to purchase the one that best suits your person.

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How to choose best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

1. Under Armour Curry 3Zero

This excellent basketball shoes were brought into the market after the 2017 season to balance the effect of great running and unique protection on the court. The Under Armour Curry 3Zero is such a stylish shoes for the player with more than average size of feet. The creativity of this unique shoe is crafted with a reinforced mesh upper, so light in weight and supportive to the feet that are wide in nature.  The mid sole is perfectly built with dual density, which give your overall standing weight a great feeling. The adjustable collar of the shoe make it firm when set, this, combined with the micro G-foam inside with a  great cushioning system that makes your feet feel better. Finally, the rubber outsole with unique detail traction makes it more balance and smoother from heel-to-toe transition. 

Under Armour Mens Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe
Best basketball shoes for wide feet

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Features And Details

  • it has an adjustable collar which makes your ankle so firm when tied to fit your ankle size.
  • It is durable and can stand the test of time. This can be attested to by those who use it in and out of the court
  • It is affordable in line with the quality of service provided.
  • It give great on and off the court performance.
  • It is so lightweight and easy to lift for better dunking.
  • It comes in different colors

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2. Nike Lebron XVII (17)

Another great shoes from the NIKE company is the Lebron 17, which is excellently built for comfort ability for the people with flat feet. The uniqueness of this exact shoe is the cushioning setup which just hard to ignore. the combination of the Max Air and the Zoom Air pos perfectly fit into the heels and the forefoot respectively make the wearer feel more responsive and comfortable. the large Max Air unit at the heel absorb more forces to give you the desired absorption in order to explode into the air and gain more in-the-air strength. the power of this superbly built power shoe is comparable to the court domination of the personality it was name after i.e. Lebron James. These shoes are highly recommended for the wide footed basketball players.

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Best basketball shoes for wide feet

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Features and Details

  • It has wide collar with conventional tongue which makes the wearing and putting-on so comfortable and easy.
  • Availability of powerful cushioning in the heel is made so by the added soft foam placed under the Max Air unit.
  • It is complemented with rubber out sole, which guarantee durability.
  • The price of the shoe is so affordable and pocket friendly.
  • It comes in different color to suit your choice.
  • It absorb more force,give quick responsiveness, as well as generate fast paced action.

3. Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Ilation

Our first Adidas product on this list is the Neo Cloudfoam Ilation. the powerful basketball shoe is one of our recommended shoes for the wide feet basketball players across the globe. it is made with absolute antithetic leather. you asked if it worth it? it is, the shoes though made with synthetic leather thought of defying breeze and hard to expand or elastic, it was made wide enough to accommodate the wide footers. 

To fill the space of breeze, the front part or the tongue as usually called is made of perforated leather at the upper front, while the mesh collar combining the upper foot and the back are with mesh, therefore both serves as a breathing spaces for the shoe. However, the cloud foam mid sole is suitable for superior functioning and high responsiveness while  the rubber out sole at the base cap it all for secure traction and on the court great and impact protection with excellent speed and break.

basketball shoes
basketball shoes

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Features and Details

  • Comfortable to use.
  • Great structure to fit into both in and out of the basketball court.
  • Suitable for running and other sport activities other than football.
  • Black and White color.
  • suitable for people with wide feet

4. Adidas OwntheGame Wide Basketball Shoe 

another great product from the stable of Adidas for the wide footed. as the name indicated, it is specially made to cater for the need of these set of people. it comes with different features that make it stand out from the other products ever discussed. the shoes is build to cut through movement and have a wide fit. the lace closed enclosure give a reasonable adjustment choice to the user. The shoe is made of synthetic leather which cover the the tongue and the upper part. it has a dual -zone traction . it is 100% fiber shoe, the wideness of the shoe make it a perfect fit for wide foot and the comfort-ability is just incomparable with a de-bossed toe cap and a sleek three stripe to give it fashionable look and make it suitable for on and off the court usage. get this shoes if you have more than an average size of foot.

basketball shoes
basketball shoes

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Features and Details

  • It Contains rubber soul.
  • Lace closure to give expected comfort-ability.
  • Durable Adiwear out sole, textile lining and heel pull.
  • Come in different color to choose from.

5. Nike Lebron Zoom Witness

This fantastic product if an offshoot from the great sportswear maker NIKE. The Nike Lebron Zoom witness is a dream basketball shoes for all the basketball lovers, most especially the players with wide feet finding shoes that will perfectly suits their feet without much ado. The pairs of shoes are though made with synthetic leather fabric, yet wide enough to satisfy those extra-large feet of yours. The making is so great that is was half-length booties construction that has its Achilles pad cushioned. Its zoom Air units comes with great responsiveness and protection cushioning. The mid sole is made up of pylon foam, which make provision for lightweight cushioning. Its ultra- light foam around the heel of the shoes gives extra support.

basketball shoes
basketball shoes

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Features and Detail

  • uniquely built for the people with wide feet to use comfortably .
  • the composite fabric used in creating the upper and front sides give it more ventilation.
  • It is so comfortable and responsible in usage
  • Affordable for every pocket size that fit for playing basketball
  • Durable in usage and help you in staying true to size
  • Suitable for both on court and out of court usage

6. Adidas D Lillard 2

finding shoes for your wards, brother or husband with wide feet? Adidas D Lillard 2 is also a perfect recommended shoe for such person. The white-black-clear nix color sneaker is one of the most beautiful basketball shoes i have ever come across in years with its camouflage-like design and great sole, i bet you, you just have to see one to fall in love with such a great design. the structural design is so fantastic with its synthetic fabric and the sole inscribed with BOUNCE, which provided required energized comfort and suitable for all sort of sport barring professional football. you know what the BOUNCE sole does? its spring-like sole that gives energy in return. it possesses rubber out sole for better grip during the wet and dry situation, which also gives superior traction. its updated traction pattern offers enhanced durability.

basketball shoes
basketball shoes

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Features and Details

  • Mesh upper that provides breath ability and comfort ability.
  • Different sizes available to suit any size you may have as a wide footer.
  • Excellent traction on court.
  • Has a great ankle support.
  • The price is also pocket friendly.

7. Under Armour Jet 

This shoe is what should be refereed to as the beauty and beast among the basketball shoes under review. the beauty in the sense that is has a great and very unique design, the the combination of the leather, textile, synthetic, ethylene  vinyl acetate and rubber for the entire design of the shoe. while the beast part is the rugger duty of the texture and the durability of the general usage of the shoes. I understand the reason for the combination of leather and textile for the upper part of the shoe is to get the quality out of it as well as having a breathable material for the comfort ability of the user. the cushioning around the ankle collar is enhanced for support and comfort ability, there is ventilated mesh mid foot panel to aid breeze into the shoe. the protection which was wrapped with the toe-cap protect which was placed to protect against toe drag and soreness.

Under Armour
basketball shoes

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Features and Details

  • its made up EVA sock liner to provide underfoot cushioning and support.
  • Ankle Collar for comfort ability.
  • Herringbone traction pattern for splendid on-court movement and control.
  • Good for on court and out of court usage.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Have different colors and sizes

8. Adidas Crazy Explosive

The last on the list of the best shoes to go for as a wide footer is the Adidas Crazy Explosive Men shoe.  everything about this shoe is extra ordinary, is it the lightweight synthetic and textile prime knit made upper part that guarantee durability or the tongue and the heel made up of mesh for easy and desirable ventilation?

The anatomical lace system that wrap across almost all the upper part of the foot gives comfort and support, as well as minimize pressure of whatsoever one might ought to get. The rubber out sole, full-length boost cushioning and the translucent patterned traction on the other side gives you extra courage to explode past any obstacle that may confront your across the court and have full control of the event. Both the design and the structure of the shoes are just excellent and reliable.

basketball shoes
basketball shoes

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Features and Details

  • Great design for fashion lover that break into basketball world.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Comfortable for any size you opt for.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Comes in different colors and sizes.

9. Adidas Harden Vol. 1 Basketball Trainers Sneakers.

The last of the Adidas on our list is the Harden Volume 1. this superb shoe is designed for excellent usage. it will have you feeling more confidence on court and out of court with its textile upper, lining and fantastic rubber out sole that will give you great comfort and splendid traction. it feature a suede front and textile material. The wrap-around tongue with a standard toecap with lock down fit to protect your leg from unwanted hurting, injury free and soothing comfort. Its TPU mid sole lining, breathable and flexible engineered knit upper for breeze to give your feet the required or needed ventilation and keep your feet odor free for the time being. the shoes traction is amazing, cutting across cut, lifting and control within the court is just unbelievable with the shoes out sole. the more power you put, the multiple you get to aid your lifting and dunking. one of the hardest shoes to ignore when it comes to basketball court exhibition of skills.

basketball shoes
basketball shoes

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Features and Details.

  • Mesh upper for comfort ability.
  • Rubber sole for great control.
  • Durability for in and out the court usage.
  • Affordable for every player of basketball.

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When it comes to basketball shoes, the most challenging part is finding a shoe that fits your feet. For those of us with wide feet, choosing this kind of clothing can be difficult because we have trouble balancing both width and other key features in the foot such as design or performance. The best option for you might not always work out but if you try them all at least one will suit your needs!

Finding the perfect shoe can be difficult, but it is worth holding on to that model and sticking with them for as long as possible. Below you will find a list of some of the highest-rated shoes out there for players who have wide feet.

Stretchy Upper

It is now possible to customize basketball shoes online. This makes it easier for those who have wide feet and may not fit the standard size but also introduces a new issue of determining which widths are best suited for your foot type. Some people with flat feet might find that they need wider sneakers in order to prevent pain during intense physical activity like shooting hoops or running up and down the court on defense. We will consider this aspect when checking out the construction of these types of sneakers before purchasing them from any site we visit!

The genetics behind our different levels of arch play into how much strain there can be put onto our knees as well because one person's weaker arches could cause more loading through their knee joints than someone else without an abnormal.

Wider feet can also be caused by foot deformities like bunions or calluses. You should consult a physician if you notice irregularities on your feet to make sure that there are no underlying conditions. Ignoring the warning signs will only amplify any future pain, so don't ignore these important factors!

You can't go wrong with the right shoe for your wide feet! I've looked deep into what materials are used in these shoes and found that some use mesh, textile, leather or soft synthetic material to make their upper. These materials will help you get a sock-like fit so it's easier on your foot.

Should You Size Up?

One of the most important things you can do to prevent your feet from getting hurt is by having shoes that fit. All too often, people will try and squeeze into a shoe size they are not used to just so it fits their budget better, but this has an adverse effect on both comfort levels as well as ankle injuries. When considering what kind of footwear you should buy next time around make sure it's within your original size for athletic shoes or else consider one with low-profile cushioning if possible since these kinds tend to be more affordable than other types which may have more features such as stability or motion control when doing physical activity like running.

Size up can work against your favor in certain cases. I would recommend you take into consideration the socks that you are going to wear for a better and more snug fit. Some players may need two pairs of socks, which is possible but make sure if one wears softer ones inside so there’s no friction on the toe or heel areas because this could lead to blisters from lack of protection. Shoe width should be considered before size as it is an important factor when trying to don these types of shoes correctly.

To make sure your shoes fit perfectly and feel the best they can, you might want to consider purchasing some insoles.