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What Is The Best Martin Guitar To Buy | Useful Guide

Are you interested in buying Martin Guitars but don't know which one would be the best to buy? We are here with a complete Martin Guitar Buying Guide for you. This guide answers all the questions such as "What is the best Martin Guitar to buy" or "what is the best affordable Martin Guitar."

Martin's musical instruments are well known for their high-quality tone, clear sound and exceptional performance. No other brand can claim to beat the Martin Acoustic Guitars. Though Martin also produces Electric Guitars, its speciality is in acoustic guitars.

Selecting the best martin acoustic guitar is not a big issue if you buy it for yourself from any guitar shop. You can play a few notes and check whether it suits you or not. However, buying a guitar online or for someone else might be challenging as you can't feel the music.

Besides having many positive points, Martin Guitars are expensive and not every guitarist can afford them. If you have this problem, you can switch to other guitar brands such as Epiphone, Fender, Yamaha etc. However, if you have decided to buy a Martin Guitar, read the guide thoroughly and wisely choose the best guitar.

Martin's Guitar Family

Martin company is famous for its acoustic guitars throughout the world. To classify its wide range of guitars, the company has made different guitar families where you will find different quality guitars with different specifications, features and price ranges.

Here are the details of all Marin Guitar families.

X Series

Finding a guitar in the X series might be fruitful if you are looking for the most affordable Martin Guitar. This series has acoustic guitars with a solid Sitka spruce top and sometimes mahogany grained HPL. The sides and backs may be of mahogany, rosewood, or koa grained HPL.

Besides having acoustic guitars, this series also has acoustic-electric guitars with Fishman Sonitone electronics onboard. There is a huge variety in shape and size of this series of guitars, and they are available in both 6 and 12 string models. Some models of this series are :

Martin DXMAE

Martin DXK2AE

Martin DX1RAE

Martin 000X1AE

Road Series

When we move one step forward from the Martin's X Series, here comes the Road Series. These guitars have all solid wood construction and are generally affordable. Specially designed for gigging musicians, these guitars have more sophisticated electronics. Some models of this series include:

Martin DRS1

Martin D12E

Martin SC13E

Performing Artist Series

The guitars of this series are a perfect choice for those guitarists who love soloing. These guitars have a cutaway body with the neck tightly bound to the guitar's body to maximise the tonal transfer. Available at a moderate price range, these guitars are equipped with Fishman Electronics in their acoustic-electric models. Some models of this series include:

Martin GPCPA4

Martin OMCPA5

Martin DCPA5

Martin 15 Series

If you are a traditional music lover guitarist, you should try a guitar from Martin 15 series. These guitars are famous for their vintage tone, which is also the hallmark of Martin bequest. Several wood tones such as Indian rosewood, mahogany, and Moradoare used to make the guitars' body, neck, tops, and sides. Some models of this series are as follows:

Martin D15M

Martin 00015M

Martin DSS15M

Martin 16 Series

Martin 16 Guitars are available at affordable prices that any middle-class person can easily accommodate. However, they do not offer all the features that any premium quality classic guitar can. One of the most dominant features that the guitars of this series offer is a well-balanced tone. Some models of this series include:

Martin GPC16E

Martin BC16E

Martin OMC16E Burst

Standard Series

Standard series has one of the most memorable guitars Martin has ever produced. The guitars of this series have the premium build quality, with exceptional tonewoods and bracing techniques.

If you believe in onetime investment, then these guitars are best for you. Though a bit expensive, but you have to buy them only once, and then your grandsons will be able to play with the same guitar. Some popular models of this series are:

Martin D28

Martin D35

Authentic Series

The authentic series guitars are the requisite guitars of Martin and co. All these guitars show the hand-building skills of Martin company for over 180 years of experience. These are even expensive than the standard series, but they are worth their cost. The guitars are lightweight with premium wood tones, quality materials and aesthetic beauty. Some famous models of this series are:

Martin D45S 1936 Aged

Martin D18 Authentic 1939

Little Martin LX1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Sitka Spruce Top

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular Martin Guitar?

Martin D28 standard dreadnought guitar is the most popular acoustic guitar that many professional guitarists use for live concerts and sessions.

Why Martin Guitars are the best?

Martins guitars are popular for being the best guitarist due to their excellent sound and long-lasting equipment. The build quality of the guitars is exceptional that keeps the instrument working perfectly for a long time.

Are all Martin Guitars good?

Martin company never compromises on the quality of the guitar. However, some small-sized guitars may not give a complete and exceptional sound as the bigger ones might do.

How long will a Martin Guitar last?

It depends on what quality martin guitar have you got. If you have a cheap martin guitar, the rough estimate for its life is ten years. However, expensive guitars can last much longer since your grandsons can play with them.

Final Words

This was all about " What is the best Martin Guitar to buy." The above-discussed series has a huge variety of guitars in them where you can find the best martin guitars that would match your music taste. From junior sized guitar to a high-quality guitar, here you will find everyone.

Martin acoustic guitar manufacturers aim for a perfect guitar with every feature exceptional. However, sometimes to make a low-end guitar for a low price, the quality of a guitar is affected. So it is better to not look in cheap guitars. Invest one time and enjoy the real taste of music for a lifetime.