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Best Tactical Vest

A tactical vest is an article of clothing that is worn on the torso and typically has pockets to hold various pieces of equipment.

The primary function of a tactical vest, in most cases, is to provide storage for the wearer's gear such as flashlights, handguns, and extra ammunition magazines. They also often contain several MOLLE webbing attachment points, which allow additional pouches or accessories to be attached (to provide more storage). Tactical vests are usually made from nylon fabric with thick padding on both the front and back. The webbing used may either be a heavy-duty type material designed specifically for high-stress applications or thin Cordura material designed primarily for low-stress purposes such as hiking use.

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Tactical vests are one of the handiest pieces of gear a shooter can have. From actual firearm users to Airsoft mil sim players, with all that, they provide it is always valuable for any serious shooter. Whether you need this equipment as an accessory or part of your tactical training, owning and wearing a vest will allow easy access to ammunition and kit during engagements- from paintball funsies, through intensive military drills {or} even when SHTF!

The best tactic ical wear depends on how you plan on using them: if it's just casual shooting then something like H&K VECTOR Vest might suit but those who want more intense firefights may want Kydex Gear Tactical Armor Carrier (Level IIIA).

Here are three of our favorites if you feel like skipping a lengthy in-depth read. In the article below we’ve provided you with 7 more to round out our top 10, some tactical vest basics, as well as an in-depth look at each vest.


UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest, Black UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest, Black
  • Tactical gear, holsters, magazine pouches
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UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Left Handed Vest, Black UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Left Handed Vest, Black
  • Tactical gear, holsters, magazine pouches
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VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest, Tan, XX-Large (CTVL2916T) VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest, Tan, XX-Large (CTVL2916T)
  • Constructed of tough pvc on top of mesh webbing for maximum durability
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Now that you’ve seen our top 10 picks, let’s dive into some tactical vest basics. You'll recognize all the features of a great bulletproof vest and learn what to look for in each one based on your job type and body size!

Tactical vests are useful for military and law enforcement who need to carry mission essential gear. The goal of a tactical vest is to make the wearer comfortable as they wear it, while at the same time making sure that their equipment can be easily accessed when needed. Tactical vests come equipped with an ammo storage pocket on either side, two magazine pouches over each shoulder which hold four magazines apiece between them (eight in total), plus additional pockets like handcuffs holders or flashlight holder - all strategically placed so you have easy access without feeling hindered by your loadout!

Tactical vests are important pieces of equipment for any soldier. They can be used to hold your ammo, magazines or other items that you need while in the field like extra batteries and a map. It is vital that these vests have access points so all necessary gear will always remain close at hand when needed most; during combat where reloading becomes an utmost priority due to high risk environment with weapons fire coming from many different directions

The best tactical vest should position your necessary gear in such a way it is organized and easy to reach.


Best Tactical vests come in a wide variety of styles and layouts. There are two types: customizable and fixed. Both have their strengths but will vary depending on the situation you're facing!


Fixed layout tactical vests come pre-equipped with all the pouches necessary for a right-handed operator. They're typically affordable when you factor in that they include these must-have accessories, and their simple design is easy to customize however your needs require. In addition, there's plenty of space without adding any bulk like what traditional chest rigs would do - which allows users more freedom of movement on patrol or while at range as opposed to being restricted by straps or gear pockets too close together.


Customizable layouts give the user ultimate control of their layout. Their vests utilize MOLLE or PALS webbing to allow them attachment of different tactical pouches. Customized layout tactical vests are more friendly for left-handed shooters, or for shooters who require special considerations.

These vests are available in four different colors, all of which can be customized to suit your needs. The cost may seem a bit more expensive due to the need for pouches that will attach onto it and increase its durability.


Body armor is a staple of many tactical vests. However, they are not always the most effective protection against blast injuries or penetrating trauma. Hard plates and soft Kevlar provide different levels of protection for these types of threats respectively - but only if you have them in your vest! The best body armor can be found on certain tactical vests with accommodations for hard plates or kevlar panels that protect from blasts as well as penetration by projectiles like bullets; however, this protective gear will often depend on whether it's pre-installed during construction or purchased at purchase time to fit specific needs.

Tactical vests are simple, practical and affordable. Some tactical vests can be worn over body armor when necessary for more protection or in other cases the vest is preferred by police officers for its simpler design.

Wearing body armor throughout the day is quite common with police, but a tactical vest would not be needed most of the day. If you choose to wear a tactical vest over your protective gear it's wise to go up one size from what you normally wear because all that extra weight doesn't feel too good when it's tucked away against your ribs and spine for long periods of time.


Tactical vests are an important component of any mission. They provide a means to carry all the tools that you will need on your journey and keep them secured in one place, so they don’t get lost or misplaced when it counts most - during combat! But not just any tactical vest is good enough for this high stakes endeavor; there are three things to consider before picking out what type of military gear best suits your needs: capacity (how much can be stored), size (proper fitment), and weapon choice. Let's look at each issue individually before we go into detail about how these factors affect which tactical vest would work better for you.


Tactical vests can be a difficult purchase to make because of the many considerations that go into them. What are you planning on using your tactical vest for? Are you going to need extra gear like maps, compasses, medical kits, or flashlights? These things all play an important role in determining what type and size of the tactical vest are best for you!


Are you utilizing your tactical vest in a vehicle? If so, make sure it's the right size for easy climbing and exiting. Large vests with many pouches could get caught on random items while operating out of vehicles or tight quarters- try to take only what is needed when these situations happen!


The tactical vest is a multifaceted garment that can be used in many ways. The needs of law enforcement and the military, for example, are very different but they both rely on this piece of equipment to do their jobs efficiently.

These days, the best tactical vests serve a variety of uses. In-home defense situations, the tactical vest is an easy and rapid-to don tool that provides a home defender with ammunition on tap.

Hunters can use a tactical vest to carry all of their gear. This allows them to avoid using backpacks and makes it easier for hunters when they need something. They have access within reach of binoculars, maps, compasses, flashlights, or laser range finders as well as game calls that are needed in the hunt.

A tactical vest can be seen on Airsoft players as well. They are not used in a violent way, but they're still important to the game and need immediate access to their gear or ammunition when playing competitively.

When you need to have a wide variety of gear in easy reach, there is no better piece of equipment than the tactical vest. It can be used for anything from hunting to law enforcement and it's applications are only limited by an individual’s imagination.


UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

The UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is a great option for entry-level tactical vests. It comes equipped with many pouches to suit most operator’s needs and it's adjustable making it fit virtually anyone!

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

The UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest has been designed as an introductory level of the vest, outfitted with plenty of pockets that will meet just about any need your officers may have on duty while also being able to easily adapt this style vest no matter what size they are or how their body shape changes over time. That means you'll never be left without something in case one go these becomes damaged--but if yours does get taken off during a stressful situation, there won't always mean having to worry about replacing everything all.

The UTG Law Enforcement tactical vest is perfect for any officer who keeps their rifle close by. It has three double magazine pouches, which can be used to store ammunition and other survival gear. The fixed portion also includes a radio pouch that holds up to six radios or two cell phones!

The UTG Tactical Vest features an adjustable belt with quick-release buckles at the waistline as well as shoulder straps - making it easy to move around quickly without being weighed down too much while on patrol duty.

The heavy-duty pistol belt is the perfect accessory for all of your tactical grip. The vest has two horizontal magazine pouches, as well as MOLLE webbing on its back that allows you to customize it with whatever accessories are necessary.

UTG Tactical Scenario Vest

The Tactical Scenario vest by Leapers is a fixed layout design that does incorporate some customizable options. The Leapers tactical vest has three double magazine pouches on the right-hand side allowing you to carry up to six magazines at any given time, as well as another pouch option for lefties and people who prefer extra ammunition on their sides instead of in front or behind them.

UTG Tactical Scenario Vest

The Tactical Scenario vest features a universal holster on the left-hand side that attaches to the vest via hook and loop. This can be removed but it is also possible to replace with rifle magazine pouches!

The Vest has a whopping 10 magazine pouches, including 3 on the holster and 2 included with belt. It also contains two internal storage pockets for maps and documents that are essential to your mission. This tactical vest is truly one of the best out there!

- Comfortable shooting vest with one-size-fits-most design

- 4 deluxe adjustable rifle mag pouches (3 right, 1 left) with Velcro closures

- Deluxe universal cross-draw holster with extra Velcro double mag pouch; heavy duty back loop system for carrying additional gear and tools. 2 internal zippered map/document pouches; mesh ventilation system.

Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt

The Condor Cross Draw Tactical Vest is a fully equipped vest that provides quick, dynamic action. The cross draw holster on the left side of this tactical gear makes it ideal for carrying your weapon in a duty size with an active retention device to hold it securely into place.

Condor Cross Draw VestTactical Belt

The Condor Tactical Vest is also fitted with a pistol magazine pouch that's attached to the holster. Above this, three additional rifle magazines are waiting for you. On the other side of the vest, there are 3 more pistol mag pouches and 2 utility pockets where anything from tools to water bottles can be stored.


- Cross draw pistol holster sized to accommodate most medium-framed pistols

- Built-in pouches include 1 utility pouch, 3 pistol mag pouches, 3 M4 mag pouches, and two internal zipper pockets

- Padded rubberized shoulders with built-in shock stop

- Condor Tactical Belt is included