Top 10 Best Trekking in the world

Best Trekking in the world

Trekking is a wonderful activity in which you can explore the trekking in the world attractions that nature gives us.

This activity also allows you to know yourself and at the same time, live unique and unrepeatable moments. For these reasons, we wanted to talk briefly about the Top 10 of the best trails in the world. Beginners and experts prefer each of these places. We hope you enjoy this wonderful list, let’s begin:

Let’s have a look at the best Trekking in the world

  • The Lycian route in Turkey

This is one of the trekking in the world active routes in that country like other below 9 spots. In addition, one of the most interesting things is that this trail is 500km long.

There you can observe all kinds of elements worthy of an excellent excursion. You will see nature, archeology, adventure, and culture.

best trekking in the world

However, this trail presents a tour of the fishing villages and farmland; steep cliffs that die in a sea of clean waters that exhibit all the shades of blue, it is worth visiting.

  • Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

This is one of the best trails in the world. It has 12 spectacular mountains that invite you to take a more interesting tour. The Mountaineers love to go to this path since Mount Ras Dejen is considered a jewel of nature.

Simien Mountains Ethiopia

The complete tour can be done in about 5 days and is an invitation to discover the best treasures of Africa. There is a road that crosses the national park that gives you great access.

However, the invitation is to make the tour on foot. This is possible in a journey of about five days that will take you through holes and through all those roads that the Ethiopians who live in the area have to spend every day.

  • Routeburn Track in New Zealand

This trail is spectacular! It has been the scene of films like the Lord of the Rings and brave heart, among tome of the stilled tongue 5e roll20 others. This trail is 32 km long and can be done quietly in three days.

At the same time, it communicates Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks that provide unique views.

Routeburn Track in New Zealand

You will find among other formations, fjords, mountain peaks, waterfalls, lakes, and valleys that will make you feel as if you were in the middle ages.

At the same time, you can explore all the flora and fauna that it offers a great climate that is one of the characteristics preferred lets baby sit baby krissy game by mountaineers.

  • Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

If you are a lover of the Himalayas, this place is a must. Although almost everyone usually looks at Everest and its base camp, the Annapurna long circuit shows the best biodiversity of the place and even exceeds the area of Everest and its more than 8,000 meters.

The trail begins in the village of Besisahar where you will cross tropical forests with monkeys and coconuts. As you get deeper into the path, you will ascend to find mountain forests first.

Then, you will find hillsides and the weather is getting colder. Right after, without telling you, you reach 5000 meters above sea level in Thorong La.

Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

You will be amazed at how the locals move from village to village, between glacial lakes, without it supposing a great physical sacrifice, while you are already demanding a lot.

The circuit ends in Pokhara and can be done in about 11-15 wonderful days.

  • The route of the Incas of Machu Picchu, Peru

This trail is famous among mountaineers. Although you can enter the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu by train and road, the best way to do it is still traveling the sacred mountains and valleys of this area of eastern Peru. Discover the mysteries of the Inca culture and be amazed by its traditions.

The route of the Incas of Machu Picchu Peru

You will find natural green carpets, fields of culture, and ruins of other ancient Inca cities and steps of up to 4000 meters that will give you spectacular views.

The reward is to contemplate, from the edge of the Down’s Door, the last Inca city to fall.

  • Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa and the highest mountain in the world that can climb without climbing. That is, it can be done in sections and has a path that can be walked.

However, uploading it can be very difficult if people do not have a knowledge or high mountain preparation.


The tour starts at midnight, to reach the peak at dawn. This is one of the most recommended routes. The temperatures fall below 10-20 degrees below zero and the slope is really hard.

Maybe you can start to lack oxygen, which makes the scale more difficult, but the views are beautiful and it’s worth it to go up, cheer up and live the adventure of best trekking!

  • Huayhuash’s Mountain range, Peru

This Huayhuash mountain range has one of the most impressive trails in South America. It begins in the city of Chiquian at 3,400 masl, specifically at 111 km, south of Huaraz.

This mountain tf2 mart hack range is little known, but it is one of the best trails you can find.

Huayhuashs Mountain range Peru

The complete tour takes 12 to 14 days with spectacular views of the mountains such as Yerupaja, which is located at 6,634 meters above sea level. Delight in its mountains, lakes and changing climates.

  • Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

Through this trail, you will travel the imposing cliffs of northern Kauai: the Na Pali coast. There, you can camp, discover flowers of intense colors, know the sacred sites and live a unique experience of best trekking spot.

Kalalau Trail Hawaii

Enjoy all the views you have and enjoy a different side of the island that tourists do not know.

  • Jungfrau, Switzerland

The climb to the Jungfrau has incredible views of the glacier. This is in turn, the highest train station in Europe at about 3571m. The trail has a route to the refuge, where an excursion that is worthwhile for its views begins. You can also make another trip with the path that marks the glacier.

Jungfrau Switzerland

There are different observation points and two viewpoints on the outside to see their beautiful views. It also has an ice palace. You can make the 8-night excursion in the Interlaken area is best trekking place.

  • Everest base camp

To get to this camp from the Tibetan side, you can access from Tingri to Rongbuk. This offers a trail to a few hours by car or van. The “trekking” from there to the Base Camp, takes about an hour and a half or two hours.

Everest base camp

You can walk to get there, although depending on the weather conditions, the guards close the passage at different heights. However, the landscapes are worthwhile and are the prelude to the highest mountain and  trekking in the world.


We hope you liked this top 10 of the best places to go trekking and that you can share your experiences with us.