Black Light LED Strip

Best Black Light LED Strip

With a black light LED strip, there is so much you can do without hassle. And with the info in this piece, it becomes less-hassling to leverage these lights for your benefit.

LEDs come in a wide range of hues, shapes, and sizes. But among these options, the black light LED strip stands out as a brilliant choice. These lights are ideal for tons of uses, and eclipse white options with many applications.

And when it comes to black light LED strip and other derivatives, the application spectrum gets wider.

Have you ever wondered how black lights function and why they emit different rays from regular bulbs? Even if there are many similarities among these lighting types, some differences are still apparent.

Black LEDs release a huge chunk of their waves outside the visible spectrum human vision can accommodate. Aside from facts above, there are other features about the black LED light strip you need to check out.

With ample knowledge of black LED lights, it becomes easier to make the most of ambient illumination around your environment.

What is a Black Light LED Strip?

Black lights are rays emitted from an invisible IR or UV source. These diodes render hidden objects and fluids in a glow when passed over.

Black LED lights function in a variety of forms today, and are available for a wide range of uses. These dark LED strips produce UVA instead of UVB light many other options emit.

Anatomy of Black LED Strip Lights

A black LED strip usually has a width within 10 – 12mm and could exceed more than fifteen feet in length

These lights are cut-able to size with a pair of scissors at designated cut-lines at each 2” mark. Individual diodes with high-emitting power make up a black light strip. These diodes are positioned at 15 – 40 LEDs per twelve inches.

Black LED strips come with various intensities for a wide range of needs. LED strip lights ideal for domestic purposes usually come with lower intensities than commercial options.

The backside of black LED strips feature dual-sided adhesive for increased circuit board flexibility and liner protection. With such flexibility, these strip lights can wrap around surfaces and function in a wide range of positions.

How Does a Black Light LED Strip Work

The UV frequencies from these lights are greater than violet across spectrum ranges. Rays from these bulbs are invisible to the human eye.

Some may ask, if I can’t see black LED, what do I see in the dark with these bulbs on?

Well, the answer is simple – phosphors.

Phosphors are synthetic substances with luminescent properties, usually coated on cathode ray tubes. Black light LEDs, on the other hand, leverage phosphor’s luminous characteristics to make dark objects glow.

These phosphors convert energy from UV radiation black lights emit and project your immediate environment with more visibility.

Ten Ways the Black Light LED Strip Offers Super-Cool Features


Dark-themed parties could get more visibility from top-lined black LED strips. These lights make several items more visible in the dark and are an excellent option to avoid all-out brightness.

Biological Fluids/Insects 

Just so you know, all those spy dramas you watched got one thing right – black LED strip lights. These lights reveal a lot of stuff not visible to the naked eye. Fingerprints, bloodstains, and other biological fluids

Fluorescent Materials in Cleaning Products

If you’re keen on getting added effects from your clothing, black light strip are your best bet for increased luminescence.

Phosphors from these lights reveal fluorescent compounds in cleaning solutions used for clothing maintenance. With such lighting, you can create a better theme at an outdoor or indoor event without hassle.

Toxic Oils

Oils harmful to your pets and kids could be lying around the house. Improper handling of these oils could lead to adverse effects for animals and people. But with black LED lights, you can carry out sweeps of your immediate environment for spills/deposits of any kind.


Several cosmetic processes rely on the minimal radiation black LEDs give off for successful skin diagnosis. Currently, there’s a range of cosmetic treatments with focus on treating skin problems with UV black light.


Under black light, several fluids get unearthed. That’s why several hospitality firms use UV black light for identifying stubborn stains for better cleaning potential.

Counterfeit Bill Identification

A few years after black lights hit the scene, financial institutions leverage its features for identify fake bills.

Art Forgery Detection

Forged artworks pose a problem to several collectors and patrons the world over. For decades before black LEDs hit the scene, most counterfeits could pass as the original.

But with notable advancements from LES black strip lights, all that has changed. A single sweep with an LED black strip reveals if a painting is a classic or not. Newer paintings will glow under black ultraviolet LED, giving off their inauthentic makeup in seconds.

So, it could come in handy if you’re an art geek looking for genuine classics at your next auction.

Indoor Growing

Linear black LED strips function as heat supply sources ideal for several indoor growing operations.

These lights are able to replicate the sun’s heating power plants require to blossom. And since these strips remain largely invisible to the naked eye, it’s a brilliant choice for custom indoor horticulture.

Micro-contamination Detection

Unchecked micro-contamination in engineering designs could lead to fatal flaws and accidents. Under normal lights, it is impossible to spot these cracks with the naked eye. Black light strips function as an assessment tool for identifying if any flaws exist in a model.

With such support, spacecraft/aero engineers, auto mechanics, and other fields leverage these lights for improved defect identification. Being able to detect such flaws with a simple lighting fixture saves lives and prevents avoidable mishaps.

One Black Light LED Strip to Check Out

DeepDream Waterproof Black Light LED Blacklight UV Strip


  • 300 LED beads
  • 16.4ft long
  • 12V power supply
  • IP65 rating
  • 395 – 400nm wavelength
  • 50,000hrs rating


  • UV waterproof
  • Multipurpose use
  • 180° emitting angle
  • Reveals body paint in clear detail


  • Supports a massive average lifespan
  • Comes with support for a wide range of decorations
  • Easy installation potential


  • Adhesive strip may not hold for long periods
  • Requires soldering for some challenging fitting operations

Final Take

If you’ve got to spread out a black light over a wide area, this is one choice worth the try.


Can a black light kill mold?

Black LEDs kill mold and a wide range of airborne spores harmful to objects around your immediate environment.

Why is black light purple?

Black lights are largely out of human’s visible spectrum, and give off purple-hued phosphors our eyes can capture.

Are purple lights the same as black lights?

Short black light wavelengths are an ideal option for safe domestic and commercial use and appear as purple to the human eye. Longer wavelength lights usually give off dark purple.

All black lights offer varying forms of purple and are not to be confused with purple incandescent or CFL options.

Are LED black lights good?

LED lights emit minimal UV radiation, making it largely safe for domestic and commercial use.

Final Word

Black light LED strips function in many ways and are indispensable in some sectors. These lights come with the right features required to maximize dynamic needs for in-depth illumination.

A black light LED strip could be a fun addition to your décor too, particularly for dark-themed, special events.

Aside from being an ideal choice for increased decorative support, these lights make navigating around your property interesting. With the revealing design of black lights, nothing will be out of your vision any longer.

Max out the info in this piece, and get that multipurpose illumination you’ve always wanted!