bose solo 15 series ii tv sound system

5 Quick fact Regarding Bose Solo 15 Series Ii Tv Sound System

Bose Solo 15 Series ii Tv Sound System

While i was researching on best sound system, I came across Bose solo 15 series tv sound system thus nothing brings a family together like a great movie or a TV show, in a cozy home theater. But unfortunately, the sound from my HD TV and old Sound Bar wasn't clear/loud enough to get a theater effect. Thus, i decided to beef up the sound of my TV, by purchasing a sound system.  Further, I dinged more about the product and finally decided to purchase it. Although we buy TV to watch but this is crucial question i mean TV sound so tv speaker should be in your consideration.

bose solo 15 series ii tv sound system

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Indeed dialogue at any volume as well as universal remote control and surround sound with dedicated center speaker while blu ray player with it then experience will be awesome. The speaker arrays should have with audio cable and digital optical where 15 series ii system dialogue mode with in digital signal processing for the best performance. As the product has single step connection without wires running everywhere, I ordered the product immediately on Amazon. It stereo rca quality is best ever along with bluetooth device high bass level and you can adjust the bass while bluetooth enabled wireless.

Who Should Use This Product?

This product is ideal for any hardcore music lover. It fills a room with good sound and
the bass woofer is all anyone will look for. Listening to television is like watching a
movie at the theater.! The sound coming from these little speakers is just amazing. Crisp
Clear and Clean. You hear everything; even the sound of slight door creak.
Additionally, you can increase the volume without any distortion. The sound will
envelop you. Your music will come through stunningly clear; as if your listening room
becomes a live recording studio. Overall I am really impressed with the sound quality as
it really does cut out the background noise and bring the voice out so it can be heard
easily .It gives you complete home theater effect.

Apart from the sound quality another feature which really won my heart is the universal
remote control, which is the easiest I've ever set up and used. It was so easy to connect
to my TV and cable box. One click of the power button and all three come on ,and I
really can use one remote for everything. Well designed and laid out too.

What You Should Know on Bose Solo 15 Series ii Tv Sound System

The bose solo 15 series ii tv sound brings TV programs to reality with clear and better sound. Thanks to advanced Bose technology, The product has amazing features like :

  •  Excellent Sound: TV Screens are designed for great picture, and not always great sound. This device is an easy solution. It is a single-piece speaker that delivers excellent sound than your TV, adding impact to every show with impressive bass - surprising for the speaker's compact size.
  • Simple Connection: Setup is simple as the device connects to your TV with a single cable. Using this system is as easy as setting it up, with the included universal remote - ideal for simpler, centralized use of your TV and connected devices.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: The device features Bluetooth connectivity. You can play music wireless from your device without depending on extra cables that create a complicated mess behind your home entertainment system.
  • Compact design:  This model is well designed to fit perfectly under your TV, up to 50 inches. Also, you can show your Solo system off on a shelf - both the ways, premium sound quality and connectivity will not be affected.
  •  Universal remote:  Receive commands of all system functions plus your TV, Blu-ray Disc player, DVR and most other sources connected to your TV. It’s the only remote you’re likely to need.

The Use Phase

First, I want to start by saying how easy this system was to set up right out of the box.
When you buy any product that has the Bose stamp on it, you know you're buying a
quality product. To get this type of quality with this much ease, is an unexpected luxury.
The product setup was very simple, just took me around 15 min to arrange the product
without Messy wires. Now, It’s been almost 2-3 weeks i am using this product and it is
perfect. I didn't want a separate device or extra wires carrying through the walls. This device
definitely portable and is very balanced and detailed. I was surprised at how much depth the
solo provides, for example, backup singers will play mainly through the sides, while lead
vocals the front. Most other bases just have front firing speakers. Moreover, The Bluetooth
works fantastic. The TV function always worked well.


Previously, My sound system took up too much space with 5 speakers, a sub-woofer and
amp and it always needed 'tweaking'! It was also difficult to understand spoken dialogue
in movies, which required me to always adjust the tone quality. But, now I really enjoy
the fact that everything is in one box, all of the speakers and the woofer. Programming is
very simple and take less time to understand.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a portable device
with excellent sound quality. I just loved the product i would definitely give 5 stars.