Best Camping Equipment Brands of 2022

Camping equipment Brands

In this post, you can meet the best equipment brands, mountaineering equipment as well as the characteristics of each product they manufacture.

Equipment brands / Mountaineering equipment is very important. That is why we must talk to you about all the mountaineering equipment manufacturers that the market. In this sense, we will present you with the 10 best brands according to the opinion of the users.

The selection has been made according to your comments and the price-quality ratio that exists. It also has a lot to do with evaluations done in online stores and comments on travel pages.

We also made a selection of the largest number of products sold. Without further ado, we know some brands that are well known for their quality and durability.

Why is it so important to have good mountaineering products?

When making excursions, it is very important to have an appropriate mountaineering equipment.

When doing hiking activities that are very long, it is necessary to have appropriate mountaineering equipment.

On the other hand, sometimes there are very strong weather conditions. In this sense, having the appropriate equipment for this purpose is a necessity.

What should a high-quality mountaineering product by camping equipment Brands?

Many mountaineers have said that the quality of the products comes mostly from their technologies. That is, then, that each of these facilities has a technology to make the best.

They can react in a great way to the adversities of the mountain. At the same time, the idea is to provide mountaineers with versatility and comfort.

For all these reasons, these brands have been developing their own technologies and incorporating many innovations. At the same time, they worry that the mountaineer can carry out their activities safely.

All this, because climatic conditions can put a climber between life and death. Going through a river is not a random activity, but requires equipment and skill.

Know each of the brands that are well valued by hikers and at the same time is recognized in the market:


This brand specializes in mountaineering shoes, is on of the camping brands. In fact, they started to manufacture quotas and shoes for excursions. At the same time, they have a good quality price relationship; they began to diversify their products.


Among their innovations, you can find hiking bags, clothing, and specific mountaineering equipment. They are developing for the women’s sector, which has been a great strategy. It has many online stores and its variety is unbeatable.


The specialty of this brand in the design of different clothing for both hiking and adventures in the city is one of the camping brands. They also specialize in clothing for outdoor sports.


It also highlights the fact that they have their own technologies to improve the experience of the hiker. Its technology helps to control adverse effects such as extreme cold and humidity.

La Sportiva

This is a very traditional brand in Europe, specifically coming from Italy, is one of the camping equipment brand. Its foundation comes before the First World War, which makes it very traditional.

camping equipment brands

It stands out for its high cut shoes for mountaineering equipment. For the present, they develop to free themselves for skiing and for climbing. It also has a line of very interesting hiking clothing.


From the United States, this brand always stands out for its quality and its relation to the price. This is one of the few brands with a wide variety of clothing and mountaineering products. In fact, he has many positive comments from mountaineers.


They produce not only shoes and campaign equipment, but also a great variety. Among this variety are products for skiing, as well as clothing and accessories for mountaineers.

They also have their own technologies for versatility such as Omni-Heat, Omni-Freeze, and Omni-Shade.


From South America (specifically from Chile) and has been working since the 80s. They specialize in costumes headed for outdoor activities.


The most interesting thing that many technologies incorporate into their products such as Vibram and Gore-tex. These products are in high demand in the South American and European markets.

Mountain Hardwear

This American brand is also very traditional among mountaineers. He was born in California in the 90s and is currently part of the Columbia group. It focuses especially on equipment for high-end open spaces.

Mountain Hardwear.jpg

That is to say, that their prices are not so accessible but their quality is very high. Among his clothing offers clothing, sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks. It is a very traditional and reliable brand.

The North Face

They are also from the US, specifically from California. Many users begin the excellent relationship of the quality of their product with the price in the market.

The North Face

They have a high range of product diversity for both hiking, hiking, and mountaineering equipment. These products include clothing, shoes, tents and sleeping bags.


This is a worthy representative coming from Europe. It has the tradition and Swiss quality in all its products.

Works since the nineteenth century and focuses especially on all types of clothing for hiking mountaineering. Among its specialties, you can have them for hiking and mountaineering activities.


Its product quality is great and you can hear from them all over the world. In different online forums for mountaineers, this brand is highly recommended.


Another brand that comes from the United States! This guy began to specialize in different clothing to be able to compete shoutout ask fm là gì in the market.

They specialize in outdoor mountaineering equipment and for camping. In addition, have their own technologies such as Tech active and Windactive. They offer a lot of versatility and comfort.


On the other hand, each of these brands has its own characteristics and competitive differences. At the same time, they offer great comfort, versatility, and security for their adventure activities.

In addition, each of these brands takes into account the technology for a better excursion.

So you can develop each of your adventures comfortably and safely. Enjoy each one of these brands. Its tradition and seriousness when manufacturing products are indisputable.

At the same time, there are many more brands in the market. But this selection is based on all the comments of climbers around the world.

Meet each of these brands and choose your favorite. Do your hiking/ Trekking activities safely and enjoy nature.