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Top 10 Circle Shelf for home decor

Gone are the days when our rooms looked like a small school library or an apartment devoid of the sense of fashion and class. How do you see the thought of having a circle shelf beautifully mounted at a corner in your apartment? I can help you with your imaginations. Having a circle shelf will give your room a touch of class and sophistication. Not only does it give your room a beautiful appearance, but it will also contain less space. It can fit into your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and office.

Circle shelves are very easy to navigate as the arrangement could be seen from all angles, thereby saving you the stress of having to navigate or search vigorously for a particular item on the shelf. In view of that, if you want to get a good and durable circle self, I will take you on a product review of the top ten circle shelves you can consider.

Circle shelf in best Price 

1. Kings Wall shelf Rustic Wood Floating shelves:

 Decorative wall Shelf for Bedroom, Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office.

KingSo Wall Shelf Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

This is a mountable wall shelf produced by the Kingso brand.


  • It is made with wool.
  • It has a dimension of 20.08×20.08×1.57inches×W×H
  • It has a wall mount type of installation


If you love space, then this shelf is for you. There is a space above the table which helps you organize your books and materials to your taste whilst having enough space.  Once this is done, you will have a new beautiful shape and decoration which will bring out the class and sophistication to your home.

In terms of the arrangement, you can easily arrange it in such a way that you can sort your books when you want to use them. This is in sharp contrast to what you will see in other types of shelves which are not circle shelf.

This shelf was designed with finished wood and metal frame which makes it possible for you to fit it perfectly in your home. Hanging it won’t be a problem for you because it comes with all the mountable screws.   Since you will be mounting it on the wall, it won’t take much of your home or office space. This shelf is also very durable so you will get the worth of your money.


If you don’t like seeing a plain and dry wood, then you will have to paint it because the wood it comes with is plain.

Also if you have many books and materials, you might consider getting two of the shelves because it Is lightweight and can’t contain many things at a time.

2. Ritesun decorative round 3 tier floating shelves for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen office

Ritesun decorative round 3 tier floating shelves

    This is a mountable wall shelf produced by Ritesun.


  • It is made of wood and metal frame.
  • Its dimension is 20×7.5×20 inches×W×H


The shelf is made with durable materials that will help you get the worth of your money. If you are looking for a shelf that won’t take up much space then the Ritesun shelf is very much recommended.

This shelf is a folding shelf. This means that you don’t need to undergo the stress of getting additional screws to mount them.

The shelf also has unique wood and metal frame so it will give your room unique and beautiful decorations.


It is a lightweight shelf so there is a limit to the materials it can contain.

3. PENGKE 3 tier Wall floating Ledge shelves:

Home décor, wall decoration, storage shelf, and wall mount book display Rack for bedroom and living room

PENGKE 3 Tier Wall Floating Ledge Shelves for Home Decor

This is a mountable shelf produced by PENGKE


  • It is made of wood
  • It has a diamond shape
  • It is mountable


This shelf will help you conserve enough space in your home and office and also give it a touch of sophistication. It is a multipurpose shelf because you can use it for anything. You might decide to use it for various purposes. You can arrange it to suit your needs and styles.

Mounting the shelf won’t be a problem for you, just follow the manual that comes with It and get it mounted.

The shelf is a diamond shelf, that goes a long way to spell out that you will be getting a very beautiful gift for your home by choosing this shelf.


The shelf is lightweight, so don’t be tempted to display so many items on it to avoid damage.

4.  Kathome 4U floating shelves wall-mounted, 3 Tier Geometric Round wall shelves:

Decorative wood and metal hanging shelf, Rustic decorative wall shelf for bedroom, living room, kitchen.

KAThome 4U Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

    This is a circle shelf made by Kathome 4U


  • Made with Paulownia wood
  • It weighs 3.1 pounds
  • Produced by Kathome 4U
  • The dimension is 19.6×7.4×9.6 LWH


With the space above the table, you can arrange your books and other materials to your taste. This shelf is designed with finished woods and metal durable frames.

With the decorative shelf, you can give your apartment a beautiful and sophisticated look.

Mounting it won’t be hard, just follow the directions stated by the producers.


It is lightweight so there are limitations to materials you can place on it.

5. First time &co. brody Industrial circular shelf, 27.5 Diameter × 6” Depth Metallic gray, 70058

This is a metallic circle shelf produced by First &co.

FirsTime & Co. Brody Industrial Circular Shelf


  • It is made with metal
  • It weighs 6.5 pounds
  • Its dimension is 28×28×6 inches ×W×H


This shelf has three separate shelf levels and 6 compartments. This feature alone makes.

it unique because it gives room for you to be able to put different things on your shelf.

The shelf saves you stress as you don’t need to get extra hanging materials. It is already designed in a way that you just have to hang it with the inbuilt material.

The industrial circular shelf can pair well with any apartment and decoration style.

It is metallic so it can accommodate heavyweight materials.


Although it can accommodate heavyweight, the space is still limited.

You will also need to maintain it to avoid rusting.

6. Homode floating shelves 

3 Tier Geometric round wall shelves Decorative wood and metal hanging shelves.

This is a metal and wood circle shelf which is produced by Homode

Homode Floating Shelves


  • It is made with metal and wood materials
  • The dimension is 20×7.5×20inches×W×H
  • It is produced by Homode


This shelf has a contemporary look which is perfect for any apartment. Generally, geometrically shaped shelves look pleasing to the eye so it can give you the perfect relation you need for your home.

The wood and metal used for the shelves are of high quality so the durability is assured.

It is very easy to mount because it comes with an instruction manual


It is lightweight so it can’t carry heavy weight materials

The spaces are limited and designed to accommodate a few things.

7. Circle floating wall shelf|unique design|Boho style, bronze painted metal frame, Rustic circular wooden hanging wall shelves

This is very suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. 

Circle Floating Wall Shelf


  • It is made with metals and wood
  • The metal is painted with bronze
  • The dimension is 17.5×17.5×4.5


The metallic bronze wall circle shelf will give your room a touch of class and sophistication whilst maintaining its contemporary look.

It is very easy to mount because it comes with screws. You just need to study the manual and follow the instructions.

With a little touch of creativity, you can get the best out of the shelf.


The shelf is light weight, so it can carry heavy weight materials

The spaces are limited so there are limits to what it can contain

8. Christopher Knight Home Bobby industrial hanging circular wall shelf

This is a circular mountain wall shelf made by Christopher Homes.

Christopher Knight Home Bobby industrial hanging circular wall shelf


  • It is made with Iron and Fir wood
  • It is produced by Christopher Homes.
  • The dimension is 34.25×6.5×34.25inches×W×H


It is compartmentalized shelving which gives room for you to add different materials

Its beautiful appearance gives an automatic upgrade to the apartment it is being mounted on

The fir wood is of high quality and it is highly durable. It also has one ad tight grains


Although it is compartmentalized to contain any material, there are still limits to what it can contain.

It is lightweight so it cant contain many heavyweight materials.

9. WRAPARK 2 – Wall-mounted shelves with Hooks, 16 inches Round wall shelf for home and office

This is a mountable circle shelf that is suitable for rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices.

WRAPACK 2-Tier Wall Mounted Storage Shelves


  • The set up is very simple as it comes with storage shelves that are already assembled and ready for hanging
  • The shelf will save you enough space on your counter and also, provide additional space for your other valuables
  • The metal frame of the shelf helps it to be fastened tightly
  • It has a nice appearance thereby providing a beautiful decoration for your apartment.


The space is limited so it might not contain all your materials.

It is lightweight so it can’t contain your heavy weight materials

10. Unimore round wall shelf rustic wood and metal floating shelves decorative wall shelves

This shelf is suitable for bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and offices.

Unimore Round Wall Shelf Rustic Wood and Metal Floating Shelves


  • It is produced by Unimore
  • It is made with metal ad wood
  • It has a wall mount type of installation


This shelf serves both storage and decorative functions.

It has a good space which helps you to have your materials arranged to your taste

It has a unique style which makes it suitable for different apartments


  • It has limited space so you might not add all your materials to it.
  • It is lightweight so you can’t add your heavy-weight materials.


Circle shelves are very good for beautifying homes. In addition, so serving as storage, they also serve the function of decoration.