LE Smart Light Bulb, RGB Color Changing LED Bulbs

Top 10 Color Changing LED Lights

Technology keeps getting better each passing day. Everyday innovations are being made and one of the key areas benefitting from this innovation is the light sector.

When you want to buy a light bulb for your apartment or workplace, you will be faced with so many options. You might decide to choose between incandescent bulbs which will be considered old-fashioned, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, or LED bulbs.

LE Smart Light Bulb, RGB Color Changing LED Bulbs

For lovers of variety, going for color-changing LED bulbs won’t only beautify your home and events, it will also help you choose different lights for your different occasions.

Top five Color Changing LED Lights

1. RGB LED Light Bulb, 40W Timing Infrared Remote Control

This particular LED light bulb serves different purposes. It is manufactured by ILC

RGB LED Light Bulb


  • it is a multipurpose  light bulb
  • It can change to different colors which serve different purposes
  • It has a remote control
  • It has a 270-degree light bulb with different brightness and adjustments
  • It has 12 high favorite colors with flash and smooth modes
  • The brightness is equivalent to 40W incandescent
  • It has a timing function.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and a 90 days refund guarantee with great customer care ready to listen to your complaints.
  • The ability of the bulb to change to different colors will provide light for different settings which will suit different occasions and moods.
  • It saves a great amount of energy in addition to being environmentally friendly.
  • Its flash mode property gives a nice stage effect for your performances and concerts.
  • The smooth mode properties control the rhythm to soothe different feelings.
  • One remote control can help to control different lights
  • It can only be controlled with a remote.
  • One remote can only control the different light in a particular LED bulb. If you have different LED bulbs in different rooms, you will need a separate remote for each of them.

2. Led light bulb 85W equivalent with Remote Control

This light bulb is updated. It is very easy to use and has a good deal of brightness. It is manufactured by ILC

LED Light Bulb 85W Equivalent


  • It is an upgrade of the equivalent 85W brightness upgrade.
  • It has top 10 colors
  • It consists of 6 modes[flash, strobe, smooth, passionate, relaxed and romantic]
  • It can serve in environments where multiple bulbs are used.
  • Its power is 12 watts
  • It has a brightness of 1050LM
  • It has a beam angle of 270 degrees
  • It has a great timing feature
  • It has a 2-way switching
  • It has different upgrades which are very useful. Due to its brightness upgrade, 12W can provide 1050 lumens of luminous flux which is equivalent to an 85W incandescent lamp.
  • It has a 2-year warranty and a 90-day refund guarantee
  • It has ultra-light and ultra-low power consumption.
  • It reduces current and increases the lumen per watt.
  • Because of its different modes, it can remember the last color we used.
  • It can also fit into different scenes and events by giving you the perfect atmosphere you need.
  • You can set this light for your outdoor functions and control it using the timing feature.
  • Some colors come brighter than the others and this might not go well with some people.
  • If you allow the LED base to come in contact with water, it might become defective.

3. LED PAR38 Spotlight 30W with Remote Control

This product is made by the Kuniwa brand. kuniwa Par38 light bulb 100W equivalent dimmable LED smart bulb, is very efficient in creating different atmospheres to soothe our different moods and events.

LED PAR38 Spotlight 30W, Color Changing Light Bulb


  • It has a remote control
  • It is very bright and can have great saving energy
  • It has a good mode and it is waterproof
  • It can be easily installed
  • It can be used for various purposes
  • It has multicolor
  • It can adjust 4 levels of dimming
  • The kaniwa Par38 lightbulb 100W will serve you efficiently for different purposes.
  • It is very safe to use because it is not made with lead or mercury.
  • It’s multicolor and 4 light modes give rise to16 default colors.
  • It saves energy greatly.
  • It will serve to beautify your living rooms.
  • You can also use it for artwork and architectural lighting.
  • It can remember your last color because of its great memory function.
  • It has a long widespan
  • You cannot choose the colors to rotate

4. Goove LED light bulb dimmable 7W 60W Equivalent

This is a very general-purpose LED light bulb manufactured by Goove.

Govee LED Light Bulb Dimmable, Music Sync RGB Color Changing Light Bulb


  • It is dimmable.
  • It has 110 volts and 7 watts.
  • It has a timer.
  • It has a music mode.
  • It has a scene mode.
  • It has a group control function.
  • It has an app control feature.
  • It has a wake-up light.
  • It has a party color change bulb feature.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can connect it through your Bluetooth and app control.
  • Due to its group control feature, you can control up to six bulbs at a time.
  • Its timer function can help you to turn it on or off at a specific time. You can set it to wake you up at sunset.
  • With its music mode, you can set it to change colors according to the music rhythm. All you need to do is to personalize your Goove RGB light with as many colors as possible together with a monochrome palette.
  • You can always restore your color to soothe the color of the environment.
  • It can match different places and occasions
  • It does not support DIY mode.
  • It needs a smartphone or computer before you can use the group control and app feature.

5. LE Smart Light Bulb, 60 Watt Equivalent

This is a smart hand free LED bulb manufactured by LE.

LE Smart Light Bulb, RGB Color Changing LED Bulbs


  • It is dimmable.
  • It has 60watts.
  • It has 16 million color choices.
  • It has a timer function.
  • It can function within the range of 60 millimeters.
  • It has a voice control function.
  • In addition to being a smart hand free bulb, you can control it with simple voice commands using the Alexa Echo, Echo dot, and Google home assistant.
  • The remote control can function anywhere with the Lepro LampUX app on your phone.
  • You have the freedom to select your favorite lighting effects from the 16 million colors.
  • You can set the timer to soothe your daily schedules using your favorite lighting effects.
  • It is very simple to set up.
  • You will need a smartphone to be able to make use of the App and Alexa features.