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Coral Manta 3000 pool alarm for your pool safety system Review

Coral Manta 3000

If you are a residential swimming pool owner, the Coral Manta 3000 pool alarm will provide you with the most advanced option for pool safety.

The self-installed device is the first and only drowning detection system for residential swimming pools as one of the best pool alarm and is ideal for any pool owner that will have children or even adult guests at the house.

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To date, coral drowning detection system is the suitable options for pool protection have not been limited you. In fact, many drownings occur even though the safety means required by law are installed.

Pool safety is all about layers: Fences, covers, pool alarms, swimming lessons, and obviously adult supervision are all very important and can prevent drowning,”  Founder & CEO Eyal Golan said. “But we have to be honest, despite all of these measures the number of people and children drowning every year is constantly growing. Coral Manta 3000 is a game changer. It is based off technology that is light years ahead of any other technology that was used for pool safety until today.”

Until now, pool protection measures were either passive and only acted as a physical barrier to prevent unauthorized access to the pool --  and, as a result, did not secure the most inner layer, which is when the kids are in the pool already. Or,  they were relying on human attention and action and were more prone to distractions, miscommunications and errors.

The Coral Manta 3000 is available online on the Coral Detection Systems website and in the near future through select special retailers. The price is $1,999 and there are also flexible payment options with as low as $499 due upfront, followed by monthly payments.

Coral Manta 3000 best pool alarm system for your swimming pool

Lets check out the key features which stated below about pool alarm for your residential swimming pool safety in pool alarm review

Product: Coral Manta 3000

Key Features


1. Item Weight

13 pounds (5.8 Kg)

2. Product Dimensions

Open: 690x450x500 millimeters
Folded: 690x450x200 millimeters

3. Solar System

Operational at fully sunny days

4. Supply Voltage

12V external power supply (backup)

5. Optimal for pools of up to 10 yards long

Optimal for pools of up to 10 yards long

Features of the Coral Manta 3000 pool alarms

Coral Manta 3000 pool alarm
Coral Manta 3000

Recommended Resources

1. First of its Kind

Other pool safety devices such as fences, pool covers or pool alarms merely address the outer layer of safety by preventing access to the pool. Thus, they need to be opened or deactivated when accessing the pool you got chance to know from this pool alarm reviews .

On the other hand, the Coral Manta 3000 also provides protection to children and adults when they are inside of the pool – a safety layer which was not available until Coral’s debut.

2. Plug-and-Play

There is absolutely no technician needed to install the Coral Manta 3000. All you have to do is open the box, mount it to the corner of the pool, pair it with your phone, and you’re all set.

The system sends smartphone alerts and notifications and provides in-home indication and alarms, offering real-time underwater images on demand alarm detection systems reviews help you out. 

3. Artificial Intelligence Technology

The solar-powered device is based on Artificial Intelligence technology and an advanced algorithm to detect risk of drowning. Its cutting edge software, along with its integrated underwater video camera, constantly track all the people in the pool. It works 24/7 and is independent of human attention or action.

The alarm is set off in 2 cases: when someone is getting into the water for the first time and, more importantly, when it detects that someone stopped moving for 15 seconds with his/her head under the water.

FAQ about Coral Mata 3000

1. How do I receive alerts?

2. What if my phone is not working?

3. What is the range for the Coral Manta?

Every product has some limitation  Coral Manta 3000 poor alarm is not out of it you already aware from this swimming pool alarm reviews


  • The Coral Manta 3000 comes with great benefits to its users, and a highlight of these include:
  • The most advanced pool safety device, offering the first and only computer vision based drowning detection system
  • Peace of mind knowing there’s always an eye on your pool
  • Works 24/7 – No need to turn off when using the pool
  • Solar-powered
  • Plug-and-Play, self-Installed – technician not required
  • Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology with an integrated underwater video camera
  • The drowning detection function is not reliant on cellular communication. It works locally, without cellular communication by sounding the alarms in the pool and home units


  • Although it is the first of its kind, keeping a 24/7 “eye” on your pool, the Coral Manta 3000 does not replace adult supervision and supervision is recommended at all times. The device also does not replace other safety measures that are required by law to be installed at your residence.

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The Coral Manta 3000 is programmed to detect the position and motion of people in the pool by constantly analyzing images that are captured by the underwater camera. The device is an asset for any household with a pool and ensures safety for all that use the pool, as well as for those that don’t intend to use the pool. It’s easy to install and easier to monitor. Find out for yourself.