Top ten Crusader Armor

Crusader Armor 2022

Crusader Armor

Do you need to add that medieval flavor to your costume? Make the most of your investment by selecting the top armor gear in this guide!

Dressing up as a knight will never go out of fashion. And if you’re keen on getting the best classical experience with medieval protection, quality armor is your best bet!

Top ten Crusader Armor

Several options are currently in store, making a fast choice for fussy buyers a little bit tricky. But if you’ve got to play dress up as soon as possible, you need direct, top-class body armor.

That’s why this guide provides you excellent information on three of the finest Knight regalia for an unrivaled medieval experience.

If you’ve always wanted to look like a Templar, leverage info this piece provides. It will help you secure the right helmet and medieval armor for lasting effects.

What to Consider When Choosing Medieval Armor


Protection for your head can’t be overlooked when selecting medieval body protection. With the right chainmail coif underneath your armor plating, getting protection from short-range weapons could be ideal.

Torso and Arm Protection:

Chainmail coifs don’t protect your torso and upper arm. But with long shirts and other torso protection, you can be sure of improved support against incoming attacks.

Top 3 Crusader Armor for That Perfect Medieval Look

1. Nautical-Mart Medieval Wearable Knight Crusader Full Suit of Armor Costume

Do you want to look your best in medieval armor? Then don’t hesitate to take a closer look at this option from Nautical-Mart. When you’re through with checking its spec sheet, it could be your preferred pick without fuss.

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  • Steel
  • LARP design
  • Silver coating
  • 6ft armor

General Features

  • Pauldrons, vambraces, cotters, sabatons, greaves
  • Fantasy and LARP support
  • Full wear construction
  • Multipurpose forge
  • Custom-fit
  • Crusader emblazoning


  • Affordable
  • Comes in a two-pack
  • Durable construction
  • High connectivity potential
  • Sturdy sleeve for long term use


  • Doesn’t come with the best length
  • May not be ideal for monitors with refresh rates at 144Hz upwards


The armor comes with an extensive design, making it great for concept art, imperial era re-enactments, and much more!

2. Armory Replicas Battle Ready Chain Mail Coif Armor

If you’re keen on getting coif armor in your helmet, check out this Armory Replicas netting. It has a massive collection of features to help you max out that medieval concept art restoration effort.

Battle Ready Chain Mail Coif Armor

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  • 75” overall length
  • 9” face opening
  • 19” bottom span
  • 10mm chain link diameter
  • chain thickness
  • 65lbs

General Features:

  • Adult size chainmail
  • Multiple interlock styling
  • Stainless steel alloy
  • Ring stainless steel link rings
  • Sword and knife protection
  • 4-in-1 interlocking pattern


  • Comes with an ideal fitting for adults of different body sizes
  • Stainless steel alloy promotes durability against short-range projectiles
  • Multiple interlock styling makes fitting more comfortable
  • Can provide significant protection against short-range weapons like knives and swords
  • Ring steel links provide more sturdiness and a long-lasting appearance


  • Isn’t available in kid sizes
  • Doesn’t provide broad shoulder protection


The head and neck protection this chainmail offers make it an excellent choice for re-enacting medieval heavy armor scenes.

It could be a great addition to plate armor for restoration art and cinematic purposes.

3. Haubergeon Chain Mail Replica Armor Long Shirt

Lovers of medieval history will undoubtedly fancy the torso protection this replica chainmail provides.

If you need some added classic war paraphernalia in your wardrobe, here’s an excellent choice.

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  • 35” neck to low dimension
  • 26” buss
  • 5” arm width
  • 11” arm length
  • 15lbs weight

General Features

  • Ring interlock
  • Complement for chainmail coif
  • Stainless steel loops
  • Rounded edges
  • Mid-thigh length fitting


  • Has immense support for the neck, torso, and upper sleeve protection
  • Rounded edges make this long shirt ideal for rigorous use
  • Stainless steel loops provide ideal durability for long-lasting usage
  • Mid-thigh length fitting makes it easy to place underneath plate armor
  • Complements chainmail coif with added upper body protection


  • May be too weighty for some wearers
  • Metal may tarnish when defective


Many buyers trust this chainmail long shirt for that medieval look. If you need body armor to max out your re-enactment of ancient battles, this could be an excellent addition.


What armor did the Knights Templar wear?

Knights of the Templar Order usually wore a white tunic and mantle with a red cross. Soldiers of this order typically put on black tunics with a large red cross on a brown/black cover.

What is a Crusader Helmet?

Crusader helmet is the head protection knights put on during the conquest of medieval times. Since the conquest lasted for more than four centuries, there are different variations to this helmet’s design.

Is Knights armor bulletproof?

The armor used by medieval knights is nowhere near bulletproof. Even with later releases, machine guns could easily penetrate most of these armor plates.

What were Crusader shields made of?

Curved wood coated in a white canvas and emblazoned cross on its outer end are typical of Crusader shields.

Did Crusaders wear plate armor?

Crusaders usually wore chainmail as opposed to several depictions in cinema and movies where knights wear plate armor.  Plate armor hit the battlefield several years after the Crusaders officially disbanded.

Last Words

Selecting the right medieval body protection shouldn’t be a complicated process. With the three options in this guide, choosing the right armor for your set or personal effects is super-comfy.

Make the most of what this info provides, and look your best as one of Europe’s best conquistadores.

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