Figuring Out LED Wheel Lights

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Need to know how best to leverage your LED wheel lights? Check out the great ideas and other info this piece has on offer.

In the old days, inferior LED tech was expensive and largely unusable for a wide range of lighting needs. Older diodes are slow to warm up and may not reveal the temperature required for an ambient effect.

Fast forward to the present, and LED wheel lights, strips, and other forms allow users achieve tons of lighting effects.

LED lights available right now are versatile enough to support a wide range of home, vehicle, and outdoor needs.

And unlike bulbs of the old days, newer LED beads are available in many colors, shapes, lumen levels, forms, etc.

With LED lights available in strips capable of fitting on wheels, bikes can get better lighting in dark environments.

In this guide, you’ll get info on LED wheel lights and how best to max out their features for ample lighting. If you’re keen on getting more info on a recommended wheel light, this piece has all you need. Read up and get the best out of your preferred wheel lights without hassle.

What are LED Wheel Strips?

LED wheel strips are strands of light emitting diodes arranged in a sequence connected through to one power source. Since LED wheel strips are ideal for portable use more often than not, most units are battery-powered.

LED wheel strips could come in a rigid color form, or in some cases, feature more than a dozen hues.

There are several ways to use these lights for increased illumination and décor effect. Check out ten of these ideas below for increased wheel strip lighting support.

Ten Ways to Use LED Wheel Lights

Coving and cornice

Your ceiling covings and cornice areas are ideal spots for getting more décor effect from wheel lights. These lights can stretch through your ceiling with a power outlet fitted at a convenient space.

LED wheel lights add subtle lighting to a wide range of architectural spaces. Entryways and living spaces can also get a significant touch-up from wheel lights.


LED wheel strips behind frames enhances your photos, print, and other art pieces. These lights don’t emit significant heat capable of damaging papers, making them ideal for showcasing several art forms.

Furniture illumination

Adding wheel strip lights under your furniture makes the most of creating a larger feel for your smaller room spaces. Tables, sofas, cribs, beds (top and bottom), and other furniture get an instant facelift with LED wheel lights.

Mirror backlighting

Several strips of wheel lights around the edges of your mirrors add an improved appearance and decorative feel. A soft glowing effect from these lights to your mirror’s screen enhances shadow limitation.

Outdoor strips

Light strips with environmental protection make the most of decorating outdoor spaces for several events. IP65-rated strips are ideal for lighting up porches, patios, soffits, decks, and many more areas.

Enclosed spaces

Hidden compartments like drawers, cabinets, and more are easier to navigate with an in-fitted strip of LED lights. Making the most of getting to your essential items stashed away in cabinets doesn’t get any better.


Offsetting screen brightness is a major turn-on for LED wheel lights. With what these strips offer, you can also assure a better appearance for your entire room setting without hassle.

Shelving lighting

Shelves get an instant touch-up with wheel strip lights placed at strategic spots. Other enclosed spaces like your closet, pantries, etc. could also look better with these lights added.

Sink rims

Making use of battery-powered LED lights is ideal for safely decorating sink rims. Areas around your bathroom will also look better with several additions of strip lights. Waterproof lights are available too, making safe, long-lasting usage more comfortable to manage.


You can conveniently place wheel lights on your stairs and railings for ambient lighting in dark conditions. Adding these lights assure a decorative feel capable of maxing out stairway navigation without hassle.

How to Reset LED Strips

Factory resetting your LED strips may become necessary after incessant ghost currents or improper color switches. There are two ways to manage resetting these strip lights. Check them out below;

How to reset LED strip lights with a remote

  • Connect your strip lights to a power source and let it remain on for 10 – 30 seconds.
  • Turn the lights off and remove from power source with remote still on
  • Hold power button and connect to power source again
  • Continue holding the button and wait for strips to turn on
  • When the strips switch colors among available hues, release the button at a stagnant point (usually green or yellow)

How to reset LED strip light without a remote

  • Hold down the power button within 2 – 5 seconds.
  • Connect the power strip to an outlet.
  • Hold the button down for an extra five or six seconds before the strips turn on.

One Top-Class LED Wheel Light to Try Out

Activ Life LED Bicycle Wheel Lights


  • Ten color options
  • 12” – 29” bike compatibility
  • 7 oz.
  • 6AAA batteries included


  • Waterproof
  • LED strips
  • Two-pack


  • Affordable
  • Features multiple colors for better decorative effect
  • Waterproof construction prevents shorting in wet conditions
  • Comfortable to install


  • Some packages may not feature zip ties required for installation on some bikes
  • Defectives may not come with equal strips


Why won't my LED lights turn all the way off?

LED lights may not turn off when ghost currents occur. Ghost currents are common on circuits operating on lesser power. Old and improperly regulated circuits could also result in ghost currents in your lights.

Updating your wiring and using LED dimmers are ideal solutions for solving ghost currents in your bead lamps.

Where is the best place to put LED lights in your room?

Drawers, shelves, kitchen cabinets, stairs, and other parts of your home get a touch-up with LED strip lights. Hidden spaces around your home will be easier to navigate with LED strip lights placed at certain spots.

Why won't my LED lights change color?

  • Power source problems
  • Wrong pin connection

Final Word

LED wheel lights are flexible, easy to install, adaptable, and ideal for several lighting needs. With these strips, you can be sure of greater ambiance across numerous environments. Before placing these strips across your home or vehicle, there’s a lot to consider.

With the information and suggestions above, making the most of your preferred wheel lights become less hassling. You’ll also have several inspirations from tips in this piece to get more from your wheel lights.