Hiking trails near me with waterfalls help you out

Hiking trails near me

This article talks about hike information of wonderful Good places to go hiking that influence the hikers and makes them spend a pleasant moment. You will find some recommendations so you can enjoy them to the fullest. Meet our 10 recommendations of best-hiking spots.

There are many Good places to go hiking those are best in the world and as many beginner hikers as well as expert hikers. Hike information is very important, That’s why we recommend the great options that will make you spend incredible moments. This list is short but very precise. Know each one of them:

GR 20, Corsica Hiking trails near me

This is a long-distance trail, especially for experienced hikers. The route is about 180km and on this trail, you can appreciate the nature and its typical mountains. This French island located in the Mediterranean has two very demanding mountains such as the alpine summits of Mount d’Or (2,389 meters) and Mount Incudine (2,136 meters).

hike information

The impact of this trail is that you can see the entire Mediterranean coast as well as the splendor of the sea. It is an interesting and very demanding route, it is recommended to have the experience to travel it.

Coast of Shipwrecks, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Special for families, couples or hikers who are looking for adventures and excursions. All this, in an environment close to the beach. This route covers several beaches and a part of the National Marine Sanctuary of the Olympic coast and the Olympic National Park.

Olympic Peninsula Washington

During the tour, you will see several monuments erected in memory to the victims of shipwrecks throughout history. This coast has that name for being an enigmatic place, but with incredible views. The distance of the trail is 112 kilometers round trip. You should be prepared for the rains since they are very frequent in the area and you must carry the right equipment. The best seasons to go are summer and winter.

Appalachian Trail, United States

One of the best-known trails in the United States. Its creation dates back to 1921 and is a must for all professional and beginner hikers. The trail crosses the country from north to south. You will be experiencing different weather conditions and scenarios along the entire route. In addition, it is a very diverse and long route.

Appalachian Trail

The road is well signposted and you can make several stations. This is one of the things that makes it very famous among hikers. Another very interesting thing is that not everyone can do more than 3,500 km. So, you must plan your visit very well, you will need some time to visit it.

West Highland Trail, Scotland

This is a quite interpretive path since it has different scenarios. Among these scenarios is Milngavie, near Glasgow, up to Fort William, which is located in the historic Scottish Highlands. These places are very historical and became the focal point of Scotland’s culture and tradition hike information.

West Highland Trail

The route is 155 km long and crosses the Scottish jungle and some nearby towns where you can stop and rest. The route is not very complicated and is recommended for anyone with good conditions. You must be prepared for atmospheric conditions. Although if you are not well prepared the rains and the strong winds of the mountain can be an obstacle.

Snowman Trek, Bhutan

We do not recommend taking this route if you are not an expert in hiking. However, this path is the most difficult in the world. By law; you must do it accompanied by a guide of the area. Although the route is relatively short, most of the way is in one of the highest points of the planet.

Snowman Trek

Another interesting detail is that the weather is unpredictable. This one makes it highly dangerous, causing less than half of those who start the route to finish it. It has 321 kilometers, long people!

One of the advantages of the degree of difficulty of this route is that you have the route. The idea is to cross 6 mountains that rise higher than the clouds, valleys lost in the middle of nowhere and indigenous peoples of Laya and Thanza and the legacy of the Buddhist culture.

Hayduke Route, Utah / Arizona

If you are a fanatic hiker and you are looking for a challenge of several months in nature, this is your choice. In addition, if you are a dessert lover and want to explore the area on several short trips, you can design several routes.

Hayduke Route

This route is about 1,300 kilometers long. It has incredibly rugged terrain that stretches from southern Utah to northern Arizona. It crosses six national parks. Impressive, is not it?

The creators of the route have divided it into 14 parts so that shorter trips can be made. You can start with Section 2, of 75 kilometers, along the Colorado River and the National Park of Tierra de Cañones, and Section 8, of 79 kilometers, along the Paria River and the National Monument of grand staircase – Escalante.

Route Laugavegur, Iceland

This trail is perfect for fans of volcanoes who want to explore the nature of that country. On the other hand, the route will allow you to explore first-hand the destructive power of volcanic activity. Also, you can visit the twin craters of Magni and Móði, named because of Thor’s sons.

Route Laugavegur

Also, you will like the cozy cabins that are all along the path to rest every night. In total, the distance of the trail is about 80 kilometers round trip. The best time to go is in summer when the cabin accommodation system is at a high operational level.

Israel’s national route

This path is long and draws attention to those interested in both ancient and contemporary history. On this route, which starts at the Red Sea and ends at the border with Lebanon. You will discover diverse landscapes, history, and culture. The total route is 1,100 kilometers. It is of reddish stone deserts, green forests, rugged mountain peaks and flat plains hike information.

Israels national route

The route has 12 small sections of which highlights the 5-kilometer hike through Mount Tabor. This one is a peak of 575 meters in height. The recommendation to travel this trail is between the months of February and May or between October and December, that presents a better climate.

Santiago’s route (French way), Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Each year, hikers from all over the world, make the journey that goes from the border of France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. On this route, you can cross some rivers, mountains, wooded trails and historic sites. You can experience the best of the natural landscape.

French way

It is recommended to travel around 20 kilometers per day and spend the nights in hostels and inns that are filled with pilgrims who make the same route. As for the difficulty, the French road is the longest. However, there is the possibility of starting the route from any point of the road for those who do not want to make a long route that is 750km which is usefel hike information.

North Route of the Drakensberg, South Africa

It’s trail is perfect for mountaineers familiar with travel around Africa. You can explore the depths of the highest mountain range in South Africa by touring the Drakensberg.

You can also contemplate the second highest waterfall in the world (Tugela Falls) that falls 948 meters high in a series of five waterfalls.

North Route of the Drakensberg

The complete route has a distance of 64 kilometers and the first section, during which you will have to climb stairs to the summit of Mont-aux-Sources. This trail is perfect for a day trip, especially between mid-April and early June, or between September and October.

If you want to go to these hiking options this hike information may be useful for you and that you can visit some of these wonderful nature’s creations.

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