Fleas in Your House

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House by 3 easy Steps

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

Fleas in Your House

Needless to say, fighting a flea infestation is awful when you have no clue how to get rid of fleas. Since fleas are a threat to the wellbeing of your pet it is crucial that you remove them the right way.

Below I will share everything that goes into the topic keeping them short and sweet. So, without further delay, let’s move onto the main discussion.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in House, Eliminating Pet’s Fleas 

Fleas are more likely to stem from your pets as they generally prefer four-legged hosts to humans. So, before you treat the whole house, make sure the problem is resolved from the source in the first place.

Your pets may pick up fleas while walking around the yard in shady places, or from hanging out with your neighbors’ cat/dog during a ‘Play Date’.

The following tips would help:

  • Use Flea Comb: At first, keep a bowl of hot soapy water nearby to soak any fleas immediately as you comb them out. Usually, fleas hide around the neck and tail hairs so be sure to draw your attention to these areas as you comb your pet.
  • Apply Flea Shampoo: Following the above, take your pet to a bath. Wash it with a pet shampoo specially designed for flea treatment. Check the shampoo for pyrethrin, a chemical ingredient extracted from chrysanthemum flowers, or ask your vet for best suggestions.
  • Wash Pet Bedding: Apart from treating your dog/cat for fleas it is important to wash their beddings in hot water every few days. Also, remember to dry them on the highest setting in your dryer.
  • Consult A Vet: If home remedies are not effective, take your pet to the vet for oral or topical flea solutions.


Eliminating Fleas From Your Yard

When you have the plan to groom your petsit is essential that you’re treating your lawn and the house for fleas on the same day. When in reality, it is difficult to accomplish, you can at least try and remove the infestation as much as possible.

Here is a handy checklist for the yard:

  • Set Target Zones: At first, make a list of all the problem areas in your yard that has a sign of fleas. Places that are shady and humid (i.e. crawl space) are often susceptible to fleas. Moreover, watch out where your pets like to lie down (such as Dog House), fleas are likely to hide in these spots as well.
  • Get Rid of All Debris: Once you know the yard, take a good look at it and schedule a thorough clean up. Usually, you would want to remove all the dead leaves and twigs, clean flower beds, and areas under any bushes. Additionally, get rid of all the low-hanging branches from the yard. Doing this will open up shady places to sunlight and help prevent the eggs, larvae, and cocoons (of fleas) from nursing.
  • Use Cedar Chips: At this point, you should spread cedar chips mostly under bushes, on flower beds, and places your pets stretch out.
  • Mow Your Lawn: Fleas tend to reside in tall grasses and thus mowing your lawn regularly should be a priority.

Get Rid of Fleas

Eliminating Fleas From The House

Here are some crucial tips to knock off fleas from your home:

  • Vacuum Cleaning: Vacuum cleaning is a good starting place to lower the population of fleas and their larva’s hiding around tight spaces and cracks on the floor, mattresses, and upholstery. When using your vacuum cleaner try to incorporate a bag so that you aren’t exposed to the content when disposing them off.
  • Use A Steam Cleaner: After vacuum cleaning is done, consider engaging a steam cleaner on your carpets and upholstery for the best results. The high heat and soap combination of these machines is lethal for fleas at all points in their lifecycle.
  • Wash All Bedding: Unless the infestation is acute, thoroughly clean all your beddings and then dry on high heat in the dryer. If the beddings are old replacing them is advisable.

That’s it for today How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Houses

I hope the information shared in this article is of use to you when looking at ways to get rid of fleas in your house.