JULLISON 8 Pack 6 Inch LED Low Profile Recessed & Surface Mount Disk Light

LED Disk Lights for a More Exciting Nightlight

Nightlights are a great way to create a safe and comforting space for children. LED Disk Lights are the latest trend in nightlight technology, as they produce little heat, use less energy than conventional bulbs, and can be placed on any smooth surface without being held up by something else. Read more about how LED Disk Lights work and why you should buy them for your child!

- LED Disk Lights are an exciting new technology that creates a safe and comforting space for children. They produce little heat, use less energy than conventional bulbs, and can be placed on any smooth surface without being held up by something else.

- With the advent of LED lights came LED disk lights - which give off light with 360° coverage so they create a more comfortable bedroom environment not just in one area but all around your child's bed or play area as well! Nightlights also help to reduce the risk of night terrors because it helps regulate sleep patterns.

* And since LEDs last longer than most other types of lighting - there is no need to keep changing them like you would traditional incandescent bulbs every few weeks.*

JULLISON 8 Pack 6 Inch LED Low Profile Recessed & Surface Mount Disk Light

Do you have an LED disk light in your sights? Check out this piece for info on these lamps to guarantee better illumination potential on your property.

LED disk lights have been a mainstay for adding decorative effects and ample illumination to several environments.

But even with the wide application of downlight fixtures in numerous settings, many don’t know what these fittings can offer.

Making the most from selecting a disk light becomes easier with access to facts in this guide. And with seven interesting facts about these fixtures below, you’ll be able to leverage them to better use.

Disk Lights – What are They?

LED disk lights are fixtures fitted with diodes that glow when electricity flows through their circuit. These fixtures are usually in a circular or oval-shaped panel, hence the name disk.

Disk lighting fixtures have outer trims designed to act as an enhancer of its embedded diode. Many downlight fittings support smooth installation into a junction box outlet or flush mount.

Seven (7) Interesting Facts about LED Disk Lightings

Wider beam angle

Most disk lighting fixtures come with a wider beam angle across ceilings than regular bulbs. Due to the construction of these lights, it becomes easier to get more enveloping illumination across your room.

Also, these light fixtures make getting a clearer view around your immediate environment more comfortable. Since the beam on most disk lights has a wider reach, it’s easier to spot items in tricky areas.

Lesser heat emissions

Diodes in disk lights come with improved features that emit lesser heat during operation than halogen bulbs.

With lesser heat generation from these lights comes a slew of benefits. Disk bulbs enhance energy savings than other options. With lesser energy consumption comes immense support for utility bill savings.

Temperature variance tolerance

The overall design of disk lights makes their operation in challenging temperatures seamless. These lights come with durable builds to survive in unforgiving climate.

Most LED disk bulbs are also ideal for outdoor and garden lighting, making them great fixtures for increased illumination. 

Versatile fitting support

Unlike older bulb technologies that need extra support to fit at tricky spots, disk-shaped LEDs can focus almost anywhere.

Placing these downlight fixtures is easy based on their smooth installation potential and junction box support. So, wherever ther

Instant ambient lighting

Unlike CFL and other fluorescent bulbs that need time to achieve full lighting capacity, disk lights cover areas in seconds. Diodes in disk light fixtures get enough power from the first current transfer to reach full capacity.

So, if you’re keen on maxing out ambient lighting in your home and commercial space, these lights offer enhanced support.


Aside from its high operating potential, disk LED lights come with support for a sustained color temperature over time.

After installation, these light fixtures could function for 50,000hrs without hassle. Some downlight options may also function for more than 100,000hrs based on their rating.

Such longevity potential beats incandescent or CFL bulbs several times over and assures more value for money.

Increased lighting potential

One LED downlight can illuminate the area where two dozen incandescent bulbs can’t do much. With such an enhanced lighting support, these fixtures can cover a wider area without hassle.

Points to Consider before Buying Disk Lamps

Outer trim construction

The outer trim of your preferred disk lamp has an immense contribution to how lights appear around your environment. Oval-shaped outer trims will have a different lighting effect than circular trims or flush mounts.

Color temperature

Light intensity of your disk light is an essential factor to consider before making a final pick. If you’re keen on getting calmer lighting through your space, think about getting a disk light with lower color temperature.

Warmer and daylight options are also available to make the most of getting enhanced lighting for increased visibility.

Positioning Ideas for LED Disk Lights

Check out some great ideas below on how best to leverage disk lighting fixtures in your immediate environment;

  • Outdoor lighting – patios, gardens, backyard, closed pathways, etc.
  • Wall lighting – outer walls, inner walls, cornices, etc..
  • Closed space lighting – closets, pantries, etc.
JULLISON 8 Pack 6 Inch LED Low Profile Recessed & Surface Mount Disk Lights


  • 900lm
  • 3000K temperature
  • 15W
  • 6” diameter (7.5” with outer trim)
  • 80+ CRI
  • 10% minimal dim
  • 50,000hrs rating


  • Eight pack of flush mount disks with medium base adapter
  • Wetness protection
  • Cool white light temperature
  • Energy-Star certified
  • Recessed/surface mount support
 5 years limited warranty
  • Comes in an impressive eight-pack for enhanced lighting support
  • High visibility temperature rating and input voltage for rendering objects in clear detail
  • Low power consumption targets utility bill reduction
  • Supports dimmers with up to 10% minimal dim range and 
  • Installation may be tricky for newbies
  • Doesn’t feature more than one mounting hole pattern


What is special about LED lights?

LED light fixtures are fully recyclable and feature no harmful chemical products in their makeup. These bulbs also have the ability to do the jobs of more than two dozen old lighting technologies.

LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent or CFL lights.

What is the average life of an LED light?

LEDs have average ratings of 50,000 hours. Most LEDs have a 50X lifespan rating than regular incandescent lightings. With usage not exceeding twelve hours each day, your LEDs could last more than a decade easy.

What LED light is best for reading?

Diodes that emit soft and neutral tones are best for reading. Cool white or daylight options could be high-contrasting options capable of reacting with your pages.

Why does my LED light flash?

  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Load switching
  • Partially disconnected beads

Final Word

Selecting the right LED disk bulb could be tricky. But with access to the facts above, it becomes less-hassling to leverage these lights to your illumination advantage. Make the most of what this piece offers, and get that lighting your environment needs without hassle!