lego 60110

LEGO CITY Fire Station 60110

Lego Fire Station

The LEGO CITY Fire Station 60110 is a building-block installment that guarantees fun for your kids. Check out details on this toy set that’s great for boys and girls.
As the latest addition to the LEGO City’s collection, the 60110 promises a new twist to stimulate your little ones’ imagination.

LEGO CITY Fire Station 60110

With two garages and a firehouse, the LEGO 60110 is an outstanding addition to building blocks for kids.

lego 60110

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Help firefighters in this collection get the helicopter and truck loaded with essential equipment. Leverage the slide down pole in the firehouse and quench fires at the hot dog stand.

Pull out your fire hose and maximize the use of your unique stud shooters to douse flames.

Hundreds of pieces feature in this building block toy set. There are several exciting scenarios for kids to enjoy in this fire station.

All you need is to get them up to speed on how the set is built – (6 ~ 9-year-olds could benefit more from your tutorial)

Lego Fire Station Features in Detail

  • 919 pieces in total

With more than nine hundred pieces featuring in this LEGO set, your kids will undoubtedly get an eventful time.

Pieces with varying builds feature in this toy set. Ensure your kids use the proper instructions to help them max out their building blocks experience.

  • Recommended age: 6 – 12 years

Kids within the ages of six and twelve are more likely to gain from the LEGO City 60110.

Children older than the recommended age may also fancy what this set offers. Kids below six, on the other hand, are advised not to use this set since it has several small parts.

  • ~5lbs net weight

When fully assembled, this building set doesn’t exceed five pounds (4.93lbs). Such lightweight makes it easier for your kids to move the completed collection without hassle.

  • Mini-figures: 5 firefighters (4 male and 1 female firefighter)

With one female and four male firefighters in this set, your kids will find having a custom fun experience.  Your kids can leverage this set across different scenarios.

  • 9 combinations

Nine combinations mean there’s so much your kids can get from this set without needing replacements. And since this model comes with a trio of modular sections, setting up numerous units is a sure breeze.

  • Two garages

Two garages feature in this fire station to guarantee kids an exciting experience with their fire truck. Leverage lifelike renditions in this building blocks set for your kids. Indeed, you’ll max out building blocks’ experience for your kids!

Other Features Include

  • Dimension: 12” long by 16” wide by 9” deep
  • Fire station (measures 12” high by 16” wide by 9” deep)
  • 1 helicopter (measures: 3” tall by 6” long by 1” wide)
  • 1 fire chief’s car (measures: 1” tall by 4” long by 1” wide)
  • One hot dog stand (measures: +2” tall by 3” wide by 2” deep)
  • Firetruck (measures: +3” tall by 9” long by 2” wide)

Get the LEGO City 60110 Set Now! Guarantee Lots of Fun for Your Kids

Since the LEGO 60110 is compatible with several construction sets, your kids will easily get more from this toy collection.

Make the most of what this collection has to offer for your little ones.

They are sure to love it!