Neon signs UK

Neon Signs UK

Having a personalized LED neon signs brightens up any environment. It gives the environment a beautiful soft glow, a wonderful and enjoyable burst of colure with a touch of positivity.

Neon direct company is a group of individuals who are highly passionate about creating magic with light.

They started as a very small company and rendered services like delivering lights to all types of small and big events including boutique weddings. As they progressed over time, they upgraded their company to become one of the leading producers of led neon lights in the UK.

Top 10 Neon Signs Company in the UK

1. Noen Direct

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Neon Signs
Neon Signs
Neon Signs
Neon Signs
Neon Signs
Neon Signs

Why should you choose Neon Direct company?

  • They make use of high standard materials for business lighting for wall.
  • They specialize in Logo to neon creation
  • They are capable of producing whatever you provide them with
  • You can easily reach out to them through phone, live chat, or email.
  • They have the interest of the customers at heart and life.
  • They are located In the UK and they shop products worldwide

Moreover, the neon direct company have some core values and vision which they strongly uphold.

They include in the neon sign

  1. Passion: they are very much committed to giving an amazing product
  2. Satisfaction: they ensure that receive maximum satisfaction
  3. Kindness: they treat proud customers with the utmost kindness
  4. Transparent: they are very open with their products.

Create your own Neon signs

Do you know that you can make your own/ Custom LED signs with Neon Direct company?

Over the years, the neon direct company have been producing handmade LED neon lights via their site. The neon direct company can help you light up your home, event, workshop, business or favorite space. They will do this with premium quality signs. All you need to do is to provide them with your favorite word or logo.

When you purchase your own handmade night lights sign for wall. You can become very creative and then put your own ideas in place. You can turn your own idea into your neon sign using the Neon Direct company.

Have in mind that signs will never go out of fashion. This will give you an advantage when purchasing from Neon direct because they will give you a long-lasting neon sign.

Having a neon sign at your workplace

Good business owners, having a neon sign at your workplace will be a very beautiful sight to behold. In the neon direct workshop, they produce bespoke LED neon upon request.

Mounting a neon sign at the entrance of your workshop, or using a neon sign for advertising purposes, is just the boost you need for your business.

You can choose to hang your sign in front of your glass wall, window as it will serve as a perfect attraction for your customer

Top Quality Production of neon lights

The method Neon direct company employs in the production of neon lights will convince you of the quality.

The neon sign is made from Led Neon flex. This led neon flex is made from soft plastic tubes which have lots of Led inside them.

The neon direct company can create your signs using a huge variety of colours like white, warm white, yellow, orange, red, pink, soft pink, hot pink, violet, light blue, green, cyan and dark blue.

All you need do is to peruse through the sign and find the sign and coloure you want, then sit back and watch as they create magic with it.

The step neon direct take in producing this neon light include

  • Cutting of the acrylic. They do this using their C and C machine.
  • Etching of the custom design into the acrylic
  • The signs are then manufactured onto an acrylic backing which is clear as standard. You have an opportunity of choosing any coloure you want and after that, it will be cut to shape, whole board, or hollow out. The hollow out option is suitable for use when you have a flower wall. It will make the inside of the letters hollow, to enable the leaves to protrude and create a cool effect.
  • After the signs have been completely manufactured, it is assessed. This is to ensure that the signs meet up with standards as the main aim of our brand is to produce neon lights of high quality and style.

Energy-efficient neon light signs

Du to energy-efficient and affordable materials like custom LED for wall and Neon flex, light signs are making a huge comeback.

The traditional neon sign uses glass tubes that are filled with gas. They in turn generate a lot of heat and uses a lot of electricity

The neon light you will find in an online shop of neon direct uses modern led neon tubing. The led neon tubing allows the neon light sign lovers to enjoy a new neon experience. Unlike the glass tube used in the traditional neon sign, this led neon tubing gives room for a wide range of options like colour, backing style and backing design.

Also in the neon direct online shop, you will find premade neon light signs at a lower price. Because of the availability, energy efficiency, and safety of led neon signs, you can buy them and apply them for different purposes. You can apply your neon wall decorations or neon light signs in a variety of ways. Adding the wall decoration to your wedding party decoration.