Sharp 50 inch 4k smart tv

Sharp 50 Inch 4k Smart Tv 2022

Hey, are you searching the latest generation 4K UHD Smart TV-as your exciting home theater for your ultimate home relax? Most probably, Sharp 50 inch 4k TV will be your final choice & should be in your shortlist for its very particular reasons. I hope this guided journey will ease you to pick what you are seeking. If your non-tech, no problem, just glimpse over our latest research findings on TV technology & fix your decision.

Sharp 50 inch 4k smart tv

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Don’t be overwhelmed by advertisements! Keep trust on Sharp 50 Inch 4k Smart Tv

Many manufacturers take strategy saying tempting specifications to misguide the buyers-as

  • "120 or 240 or 480 Clear/Action Motion Rate"-These are fascinating vague features to the users. Don't be deceived by such kinds of ads. They don't clarify –is it a 120 Hz or 240 Hz. or 480 Hz. refresh rate TV. Indeed, except 240 Hz or up,  60 hz/120 Hz. refers to the 60 Hz native refresh rate.,The motion flow rate of Sharp's HDTV is basically on the same scale. To more clarify about refresh rate –scroll down below. See more details here.
  • Don't be puzzled with the words-Motion Rate, TruMotion, MotionFlow XR, Clear Motion Index, etc. in the TV industry. They frequently use "120/240 SPS". SPS(Scenes Per Seconds )& Hertz or Hz. are two different terms. Honestly, Sharp's HDTV displays frame 120 times per second by using a faster QUADCORE processor & updated LCD panel.
  • Moreover, TV brands use scanning backlight "Black frame insertion" to specify more ultra image & more reduced image blur. The real fact is –it doesn't change the refresh rate at all.
  • Furthermore, another misconception is noticeable that the native panel refresh rate of 4k TV can not be higher than 120 Hz.(Source)

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Sharp 50 inch 4k smart tv
Sharp 50 inch 4k smart tv

The evolution of 4k & Picture of Sharp TV

In the digital consumer media, 4k refers to a standard horizontal display resolution up to 4000 pixels. 4k UHD or Ultra High Definition is the most updated dominant standard with display resolution - 3840 × 2160, p. to the end, consumer-level TV or Other media & 4096 × 2160 p. (4K DCI)  in the cinematography's projector screen.

The evolution began with the development of horizontal display resolutions.  The development of 4k screen went through as VCD<DVD<720P.<1080P.<DCI 2K<UHD 4K.In the UHD 4K, all hypothetical screen are scaled as 16:9  maximum resolution.

Initially, in 2011, 4k optimized screen theatre was developed. At the end of 2013, Google developed  4k video technology for its  YouTube.

 In 2008, Sharp Corp., with other partners, demonstrated the first UHD TV during IBC. Later on, it developed 4k ultra HD TV in June 2013.

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The HDR & SDR Technology in the Sharp TV

HDR or High Dynamic Range & SDR or Standard Dynamic Range video technology is the latest buzzword in the TV arena. This mechanism has been merged with  4k TV's & 4k's content so that viewers view it in real life without losing any horizontal or vertical resolution.

In the High Dynamic Range video, the principles are to creat, process & generate the original image, audio, or video contents with lowest to maximum luminance & the shortest sound decibel in the audio format for the human consumption.

On the other hand, Standard Dynamic Range or Lower Dynamic Range (LDR) is the minimum standard given by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). And these two technologies were used in earlier Color tv during the era of Cathode Ray Tube(CRT) technology. In 2016, Sharp corporation replaced SDR & LDR with HDR mechanisms maintaining 4k standards.

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Smart TV is a wonder on earth! The sharp TV offers the latest technological advancement!

Smart TV, another global buzzing word. In the short term, It is just a one-point destination of computer, traditional tv, A set-top-box(TV tuner for input & output) features integrated with internet applicability.

The sharp smart led TV is combined technology of not only web TV, IPTV, or Internet Television but also a great medium of broadcasting users' generated content (web2.0) even.

Have you missed out on any vital TV program? Or want to listen or watch any streaming video in advance?

The sharp 50 inches smart TV enables on-demand Video (ODV) or on-demand apps through its set-top-box with already Pre-loaded software for downloading & on-demand apps from the app store.

Frankly saying, modern most amazing technologies as-smart phones, game consoles, Digital Media Players (i.e.Blue-ray-Players, etc.), hotel television systems, etc. are integrated with a smart TV. Sharp TV adopts those marvelous phenomena to global intelligent audiences.

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Specs & connectivity of Sharp TV

  • a) Excellent built-inn specifications: Amalgamated with an android TV operating system by the quadcore processor, Sharp LC-50UB30U ultra 4k TV is the best enough to live with it on the earth!
  • b)Native 60 Hz refresh rate: Refresh rate expresses the number of the refreshing time in every per second (indicating by Hertz or Hz), TV refreshes its image. It means 60 times/Second changing the TV screen from top to bottom. It varies on the size of the screen. In the 50 inches led TV,60 Hz. refresh rate is enough to display 4k resolution of full HD. Usually, the movies are filmed  24 frames per rate or 24 Hz, sometimes ultra high quality at 30Hz or live streaming at 30Hz.  The sharp TV uses Ultra "Effective refresh rate" technology, which executes refreshing images at a lower rate by reducing image blur.
  • c) Fast motion technology: Standard motion means reducing blur while the movie is fast moving & it relates with refresh rate. Different brands have a different names. In the Sharp, it is marked as AquoMotion. It always indicates double the actual refresh rate. That means AquoMotion of Sharp 120 LED suggests 60 Hz.
  • d) Smart Functional Features: Here, smart means assembling many advantages in a single one point for the end-users. It includes internet & mobile connectivity with web2.0 facilities, mean users self-generated features with apps & web browsing.
  • e) HDMI: At least one HDMI port is a de facto standard of 4k TV. It allows displaying digital content smoothly 60 frames per second. HDMI inputs are the gateway to connect with all kinds of external media with the smart TV. They may be a set-top box, blue-ray player, gaming console, any media player, etc..  Sharp, smart LED TV has 4 HDMI inputs to increase your optimal entertainment.
  • f) USB: USB is a standard peripheral device of the smaller consumer electronic devices like a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or portable additional memory devices. The most potent latest 2 USB3.0 ports integrates with Sharp TV. As usual, it should remind that due to lack of bandwidth, these do not substitute features of 4k video feed.
  • g) Robust Internet connectivity & Ethernet integrity:

Ethernet cable feed is the primary option to allows the internet to 4k TV. As the internet is a crucial factor in the smart TV platform to display ultra HD streaming movies, music, shows, Roku tv, etc. The connectivity options of Sharp Ultra smart TV have three most essential species' standard -v9, HEVC & HDCP 2.2 content copy protection technology.

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The legacy of 50 inch TV

Choosing a standard size TV is a pre-deciding factor for the final buying decision.50 inch TV is the optimal solution for watching distances up to 7.5 feet.

  • The benefits of 50 inches TV
  • The screen is large enough to watch from all corners of the setup room.
  • It gives a fantastic experience while playing video games from a standard distance.
  • This regular size shows TV in addition to making your home theatre as well.
  • Fifty inches slim TV is incredible to the ceiling mount.

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Features of Sharp 4k UHD TV

  • Sharp 4K UHD TV is standard with Consumer Technology Association (CTA) by display resolution 3840 ×2160 Px. for any consumer media.
  • Its Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) standard was adopted by the International Telecommunication Union  & Consumer Technology Association in 2012.
  •  Aspect ratio is standard 16:9
  • Four HDMI inputs allow to transmit native 4k(3840 ×2160 p.) signals & built-inn SD card reader views 4k image.
  • The Sharp 50 TV is very notably configured in 2160p resolution for breathtaking HD.

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Don't be confused with 4k TV by other brands in the market

As in earlier stated, some brands may misguide you with 4k resolutions. The fact that all kinds of 4k resolutions do not point to tell up to 2160 p. or all 2160 p. resolutions do not indicate  4000 pixels.

Some brands may hide or confuse with 2160 P. Actually 2880 ×2160 p. does not deliver you real contents as real 4k optimized 3840 ×2160 Px dimension screen.

Why  Sharp led TV is Different than other brands

There was much much talked about LCD & LED screen in the era of 21 st century. In the history of  LCD & LED monitor, Sharp Corp. has occupied a pioneer position. Any loophole about LCD & LED monitor?

Shortly, LCD-Liquid Crystal Display & LED means Light Emitting Diode; Both are big digital media display screens based on Flat –Panel Display (FPD). The flat-panel display is the up-gradation form of Cathode Ray Tube (1958) based color TV & earlier plasma TV panel (1964).

In the LCD screen, a thin-film transistor (TFT)  is used. In 1988, the engineers' team of Sharp company led by Mr. Nagayasu, invented 14 inch color LCD screen for the first time & it encourages the global electronics manufacturers to adopt the updated consumer electronics benefits. Later on, it developed LED TV, which is based on full array LED backlighting with an LCD panel. 

 In the LCD panel screen, there is used volatile flat panel display where continuous electricity is necessary to display all digital contents, including text, image(still or moving), audio or video, etc. 

 On the other hand, in the LED panel, there is a static flat-panel display. In this display mechanism, no need for continuous electricity supply. And this technology is very widely used in mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, or even in the popular Amazon Kindle. 

Sharp LED TV offers multifunctional monitor (MFM) both with remote control based & touch screen options. Here slim technologies are used, enabling to display 4k digital contents.

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The most crucial factor while buying 4k smart tv & Sharp meets almost all!

Buying smart TV is not a regular phenomenon in our daily life. So spending money should be wise so that it worth every penny. Before purchasing, some following deciding factors or queries are crucial to consider.

Is it HDR-compatible 4k tv?

In the consumer entertainment electronics world, 4k content has significantly become popular. Its presence on-line, including on YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, or Roku TV, making it globally accessible. 4K resolution fits best with High Dynamic Range (HDR). Sharp Led TV is fully optimized for this way.

Is its dimension adjusted in-home settings?

Installing Smart TV at home requires a standard dimension. Sharp 50 inches TV's dimension are:

  1. Without stand:112.7 cm(W) ×66 cm (Height) ×7.19 cm(D)
  2. With Stand: 112.7 cm (W) ×69.09 cm (H) ×7.19 cm(D)

Are a couple of HDMI inputs?

  HDMI-High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is an advanced audio/video interface replacing analog & a de facto standard of HDTV. It allows  DVI(Digital Visual Interface) to HDMI adaptor allows no losing video quality.

Is the remote control simple to use?

Handheld remote control is the most used device to operate Smart TV.  Sharp’s Roku smart remote control is very convenient to use

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Warranty/Guarantee/Customer Support

Warranty or guarantee makes buyers worry-free. Sharp, a peoples' trusted brand, provide conditional & some unconditional product warranty & guarantee. Its customer service is very pleasing, as reviewed by customers.


  • Sharp TV is a THX-certified TV
  • No compromise with color exactness & ratio.
  • Wi-Fi & blue-tooth adjusted smart central platform allows to stream video content from your preferred Netflix, Hulu Plus etc. or music sites as Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.
  • Roku smart menu offers rapid access to Cable or on-line TV channels & other desired digital media.
  • Roku TV offers a fantastic free TV channel for the most fabulous entertainment at our home. Movies, news entertainment, or kids' cartoon as youtube, Tubi TV, Crunchyroll or sky news, PBS Kids, etc. are mentionable which always have a real value.
  • Built-in some streaming apps like Facebook, YouTube, Vudu, etc. And on-demand apps store allows accessing almost all social sharing sites.
  • It meets you all web-based communication needs as skype, emo, etc.
  • Sharp 4k Ultra TV  is a perfect Roku TV to enjoy HDR movies.


  • The refresh rate is 60 HZ , so the picture may be distracted if you are a serious gamer.
  • Remote is super slim so that it is prone to lose.


Since 1950, Sharp, a Japan-based company, has been a globally trusted brand & Electronic manufacturer with the falling price of 4k TV in 2014, This consumer media has drastically adopted by people worldwide. Statistics show that by 2020 more than 50% of households in the USA will take 4k capable TV.

The global people, including US citizens, are very much accustomed to viewing 60 HZ vertical scanning frequency to watch HDR movies. This is a standard compatible resolution. Remind that a higher frequency rate doesn't make your eye comfortable. Black Friday offer is over, but Sharp TV still offers a closed discounted price. With its business creed "Sincerity & Creativity"- Sharp really provides a great job with this product!