Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Wall Mountable CD Music Player

10 Best Wall Mounted CD Players

The wall mounted CD player is a great way to add a home stereo system in any room of your house. When you're looking for the best wall mounted CD players, there are three important factors to consider: power, sound quality and price. You want to find something that will provide high-quality sound without breaking the bank!

It's important that your wall-mounted CD player is powerful enough to work well in larger spaces. While you might be able to get away with one of the smaller models for a small bedroom or kitchen, if you're looking for something bigger and more versatile, it would do best on the living room wall!

If you want really great sound quality, there are some higher end options out there which will cost considerably more than their cheaper counterparts. Fortunately, this is an area where high price doesn't always correlate with better performance - so don't feel like you have to break the bank just because you need a good home stereo system!

When buying from reputable brands (like Proscan), these can provide excellent sound without breaking any budgets.

Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Wall Mountable CD Music Player

Why Should Buy a Wall-Mounted CD Player?

If you are looking for a CD player that takes up minimal space on your desk then it is worth considering getting one with a wall-mount. We will first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having an integrated or remote control, explain how to mount these devices onto walls using brackets, highlight some of our favourite choices in 2021 by offering reviews and low prices as well; there's sure to be something here for everyone!

Some people like being able to keep their stereo system compact while others prefer not worrying about where they should put everything when setting up things at home. For those who don’t have enough room on their desks this article provides information such as what features are most important when buying a new device so that if you get another next.

You’ve got to love the convenience of wall-mounted CD players. They give your room a very clean look, and it never gets in your way! Plus you can relax knowing that its unobtrusive; just like in-wall speakers.

In fact, they are usually easy as pie to install – all you need is some drilling with an electric drill or something similar (although most people already have this) then mount them on drywall securely using screws and anchors for added safety. From start to finish installation takes less than 15 minutes!

What to Look for When Buying a Wall-Mounted CD Player?

You should look for the same features you would look for in a regular CD player. Depending on your needs, you will compare different playback options available to find which ones are most important to you. Some players can even play DVDs! You should make sure that whatever model of wall mounted CD player works best with all of the inputs and outputs that matter most to YOU - this is YOUR decision after all!

I know what you’re thinking: “What about my wiring? Don't I need to get an electrician for that?"

Don't worry, we've got a few pointers before the big day. Firstly, make sure your player's power cable is long enough to reach any available wall outlets near where it will be mounted - this ensures easy access when troubleshooting! It might also help if you check the length of other components' cables as well so everything can come together without hassle. Secondly, take note of how many connections are on hand in order to connect all devices and cords into one host source via HDMI or RCA jacks; these days most players have at least 2-4 inputs with more being typical among higher.

Have you been looking for a CD player but don't know which one to get? Well, I have the perfect solution! Most of these players usually have built-in speakers so it's only natural to check how they sound. If you can't test it yourself then just make sure that the speaker size is what meets your needs and read other people's reviews on them too!

You'll be able to find out more about their quality if there are any complaints or compliments in those feedbacks. Fair warning: most of them come with one or two cheap 3W/5w speakers - so don’t expect anything spectacular from this type of product; its best use would be background music at home or office as opposed to parties where louder sounds.

Best Wall-Mounted CD Players – Comparison Table

Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Wall Mountable Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Wall Mountable
  • Multi-purpose & strong compatibility5 in 1 function, acts as: 1.cd player ; 2.fm radio; 3.bluetooth
Check Price On Amazon
JENSEN JMC-180 Wall-Mountable CD System with AM/FM JENSEN JMC-180 Wall-Mountable CD System with AM/FM
  • Vertical loading cd player, cd-r/rw compatible, am/fm stereo receiver with digital display
Check Price On Amazon
Mansso Portable CD Player with Bluetooth Mansso Portable CD Player with Bluetooth
  • Multi functions:1) portable cd player, 2) mini home boombox, 3) usb flash drive player,4) fm radio
Check Price On Amazon
Vertical DVD Player CD/DVD Player Wall Mountable CD/DVD Vertical DVD Player CD/DVD Player Wall Mountable CD/DVD
  • powerful function player ---you can take this bluetooth cd/dvd player as a portable cd/dvd player
Check Price On Amazon
Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Qoosea Wall Mountable CD Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Qoosea Wall Mountable CD
  • Multifunctional cd player it can be used as a portable cd player, bluetooth hifi speaker, fm radio
Check Price On Amazon
2021 Upgraded Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, FM Radio 2021 Upgraded Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, FM Radio
  • 2021 upgraded portable cd player based on the previous version of cd players
Check Price On Amazon
iLive Bluetooth CD Micro Stereo System with Built-in FM iLive Bluetooth CD Micro Stereo System with Built-in FM
  • Wireless bluetooth cd home stereo system, supports bluetooth 2.1, cd, cd-r/rw playback
Check Price On Amazon

I’ve found 7 best wall-mounted CD players in 2021. Whether you're looking for something extremely versatile or something cheap and basic, there's a player here for you. All the following devices are my top picks.

7 Best Wall-Mounted CD Players

1. Portable CD Player with Bluetooth

Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Wall Mountable CD Music Player

Tenswall is one of the most popular wall mounted CD players on the market! Not only are they affordable, but their performance has been proven to be reliable. Tenswall's versatility also ensures that you'll have a great time listening every day and all year long.

wE like

  • The Tenswall Wall-Mounted Player is a great choice for those who are always on the go. This handy device includes everything you need to use it right out of the box: plastic desk stand, remote control, wall mount equipment and power adapter with a 1 year warranty! The player even has an AUX Cable that lets you easily connect your phone or other mobile devices so that music can be streamed directly from them without having to carry around additional cables in order to listen while on-the-go.
  • The player features a simple, squarish design with nicely rounded edges. It’s available in white or black and comes equipped with the latest connectivity options that allow you to stream movies from your tablet straight to your TV! You can also wirelessly beam content directly between devices so it never has to be stored on one device for again.
  • The CD player is the largest part of the front panel. The tray doesn't have a cover, so you can see it spinning which looks interesting but might not be safe due to lack of protection over it in case something falls on top or from above. Below that are two tiny speakers hidden behind their plastic grille with an easy-to-reach volume control knob.
  • On the bottom, there is a USB port (for music playback), AUX ports that serve as both input and output, and an undetachable power cable. It has built-in speakers for amazing sound quality so you don't need to look elsewhere! Turning it on? No worries because of its pull-switch capability.
  • The remote is much better. The buttons are plasticky which makes them feel less durable but luckily, the remote gives you more control and can be used for everything that these five pesky little things on top of your TV do. It's our advice-- use the remotes!
  • Tenswall is an affordable player that offers a variety of playback options, such as playing all kinds of CDs (including mp3) and listening to your favorite FM stations. The Tenswall also has built-in Bluetooth so you can use it as a regular speaker when streaming music from other devices with bluetooth capabilities.
  • The player has one AUX port. According to the product description, you can use this port as both – headphone/speaker output and an input for external audio devices such as powered speakers or a microphone. However, we’ve only managed to get it work is used exclusively in an auxiliary mode by connecting our headphones which produced no sound at all even after tweaking with different settings on the app . We have also tried running another speaker through that connector but nothing happened either.
  • The player houses two tiny speakers. The bass delivery is not impressive but the rest of the audible range is fairly balanced and articulate with a touch more treble than most in its class.

we don’t like

  • The CD player doesn’t have any kind of dust cover. It looks pretty cool when the disc spins but it probably has a negative effect on the durability of the CD player.
  • The player doesn’t have a display so there's no way to tell which track is being played. The tracks, all in different genres and languages, are currently playing at the same time-making it hard for you to focus on what song you want right now without having to search through them one by one.

    The player doesn't come with a screen that displays current information or even text--so if you're not paying attention when your music starts up then chances are good that someone else will be listening before too long!
  • The last thing we have to emphasize is not an actual flaw but you still have to be aware of it. This player has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, not a transmitter. So, you can stream audio from your phone wirelessly and pair with wireless headphones or speakers if needed without any problems whatsoever!

2. ENSEN JMC-180 Wall-Mountable CD System

ENSEN JMC-180 Wall-Mountable CD System

Jensen is one of the rare recognizable names on the wall-mounted CD player market. Jensen has been in business for more than 50 years and they make great performing audio equipment that’s affordable to everyone, not just audiophiles. The JMC 180 model is a perfect example of this policy because it sounds good, looks great and comes at an unbeatable price point.

we like

  • The CD player comes with all the equipment necessary so you can start listening to your favorite music right away. The user manual will help guide you through set up, and 1-year warranty means if it stops working for any reason within a year of buying this product, we'll fix or replace it free!

    The Universal Audio Player is designed for quick setup out of the box. It's packed with everything needed including detachable speakers that allow listeners flexibility in how they want to listen - on their desk top, mounted on walls close by or placed into another room entirely (great option when throwing parties!).
  • This powerful speaker is designed to look slim and attractive. It's available in two colors, black or silver, both with removable speakers and matching grills that cover the sound system inside.
  • All the controls and inputs are located on the front panel. The central portion is reserved for the CD player, with playback control buttons to either side of it. To its left you’ll find two speakers, while a small display sits at eye level in between them - showing frequency, clock time and track number information (among others). On your right there's an AM/FM band selector button to tune into stations; tuning buttons that dictate what station we're listening too; power/standby switch which turns off or switches this system on from standby mode; as well as alarm settings when playing CDs.
  • The audio controls are all located on the front panel. The central portion is reserved for the CD player, and to each side there’s a speaker set - two speakers per section with buttons below them for power/standby button (left), tuning buttons (right) and clock/alarm options up top.
  • The JMC-180 is not as versatile as other devices on this list. It can play CD-R and CD player but doesn’t play mp3 CDs.
  • If you don't want to listen to CDs, connect any audio source with a 3.5mm output or tune into your favorite radio station - the Jensen JMC-180 supports both AM and FM bands, giving you up to 40 presets (20AM + 20FM). If private listening is more your thing then plug in those wired headphones for some peace of mind!
  • The clock, sleep timer and alarm features make this a great buy for anyone who’s always on the go.
  • The included speakers are tiny and aren’t very loud (1W x2). The bass is minimal while the mids and highs are crisp, balanced, and quite detailed.

we don't like

  • The JMC-180 has a simple design. It doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity, and it can only be played on CD players with an S/PDIF input port.

3. Mansso Portable CD Player with Bluetooth - Wall Mountable CD

Mansso Portable CD Player with Bluetooth - Wall Mountable CD

Tenswall's first CD player and Mansso are the same. They both have upgrades to make them more versatile and easy to use, but they still share some of the drawbacks including a lack of an AM tuner or dust cover for CDs.

The following is copied verbatim from someone else:
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we like

  • The player comes with a remote, AUX cable, power adapter and wall mounting equipment. There is also an included warranty card to keep track of the purchase date in case anything goes wrong.
  • The player is made of durable yet lightweight plastic. It has a smooth round design that makes it easy to handle and use, even with one hand!
  • The sound system is sleek and features a CD player with no dust cover on the front. On either side of it there are two tiny speakers that you can’t even see if you have eyesight as bad as mine, but they seem to do okay at making music audible enough for me. Placed just between those speakers sit's an LCD display displaying track number, clock time and FM frequency in easy-to-see digital numbers so anyone who needs glasses like I do can read them without any trouble whatsoever!
  • The power cable is also a pull-switch which means that it doesn’t require any additional devices to turn the speaker on and off. Next to the cord, there are two outputs: an AUX input and USB port for use with other electronic devices like your phone or laptop.
  • The buttons are small and responsive, which is a nice touch. The remote also makes it so you can control your music without having to get up from the couch - this was something I really appreciated when using other speakers in the past!
  • Mansso, the ultimate CD player! You can play any kind of CD-R or mp3 CDs and even listen to your favorite radio stations from Mansso's built in FM tuner.
  • With the player, you can listen to music while on-the-go without having to worry about an outlet. You have Bluetooth 4.2 for wirelessly streaming audio from your phone or other device and also a wired AUX input so that makes it easy if you want to use analog sources like CDs!
  • The player houses two fairly small 5W speakers. It can get pretty loud for its size and has a decent bass when you are not connecting an external speaker to it, but the sound quality is so much better than what many other players offer in this range that it's worth dealing with some weak sounds now and then. The mids are accurate and balanced - they'll never overpower your vocals or any of the instruments playing on top of them! And don't worry about muffled lyrics either because these speakers really know how to deliver clear vocals without sacrificing anything else from their rich music experience.

we don't like

  • The player doesn’t have a dust cover for the CD. The open CD compartment stays spinning all day and night. I can watch it spin but, it probably has an adverse effect on my hard-toiling device's durability!
  • Let's face it, the Mansso CD player doesn’t have an AM tuner (only FM).

4. MYDASH CD/DVD Player, Wall Mountable CD/DVD Player

MYDASH CDDVD Player, Wall Mountable CDDVD Player Portable

MYDASH, a CD player and DVD player that offers you the best of both worlds at an affordable price. It’s sleek design looks as great in your living room as it does on public transportation--making it perfect for commuters!

MYDASH is clear-cut choice if you want to have all your entertainment needs met without breaking the bank.

we like

  • MYDASH is an exciting new technology that revolutionizes the way you watch TV. It's a small device with built-in features such as streaming, which means no more dealing with messy cables and bulky boxes! MYDASH does not require any installation because it plugs in to your HDMI slot on your HDTV or monitor instantly.
  • The player has a clean, simple square design. It’s made entirely of plastic and comes in a white finish that is sure to please most people looking for it.
  • On the front, you'll find a transparent dust cover and CD/DVD player. Below this compartment are two speakers with an IR sensor in between them. There is also five control buttons (mode, two volume buttons, and three playback controls) on top of the device as well as a simple four-digit display next to these controls which flashes when playing or paused. On one side there's an AUX input that doubles up for headphone output; HDMI port; USB slot at your disposal too! At the back lies nothing but power cable - it needs to be plugged into its socket before turning it on.
  • This player supports all kinds of CDs and DVDs, including mp3 CD's, VCDs SVCD's HD-CDS etc. The max supported resolution is 1080p which can achieve the highest quality image for your TV screen in this price point 4K would be a bit too much to expect at such an affordable cost but it does have many other features besides that.
  • Besides CD/DVD playback, you can also use the player as a Bluetooth speaker and stream music from your phone or some other Bluetooth audio source. The player features cutting-edge bluetooth 4.2 technology that delivers superior performance and range unlike any before!
  • The player has a built-in FM tuner and you can also play mp3/WMA files from a USB drive or connect any audio source with 3.5mm output to the back of it!
  • MYDASH houses two small 3W speakers. The bass is lacking but the mids and highs are balanced and articulate, which means forget about serious music listening with these earphones - they're best for podcasts or audiobooks on your commute to work!

we don't like

  • The remote included is poorly designed and it feels cheap.
  • The placement of the display is very odd. Placing it on the front panel would’ve been a much better solution, and I can't imagine why they didn't do that in their design phase.

5. Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Qoosea Wall Mountable CD Players

Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, Qoosea Wall Mountable CD Players

Qoosea is a new, inexpensive CD player that offers features like an SD card slot and LCD display. The Qoosea's design even looks similar to the Tenswall model but it’s still cheaper than our competitor!

we like

  • The Qoosea CD player can be yours for a very affordable price! For just $39.99, you will receive the power adapter, remote control and lead wire to connect your smartphone or tablet with aux-in jack as well as plastic desk stand so that it stays on while playing in order to avoid any accidents when dancing around like mad. You also get mounting gear which makes installing super easy! And of course there's an instruction manual included too - because we know how much everyone loves manuals these days.

    The Qoosea is perfect if you are looking for something cheap but still want high quality sound without having to fiddle about setting up anything yourself; all equipment required comes standard including the 1 year warranty.
  • The player features a simple squarish design with rounded edges. The front side is made out of durable plastic that protects two tiny speakers located on the bottom part of the panel.
  • The controls are all on the top, which is convenient for your hands to easily reach them. There’s a panel of five plastic buttons that come in three different colors; red, green and blue. The control scheme has been made simple so it will be easy for you go through with using this gadget even if you don't have any previous experience with these kind of devices before! It also includes an included remote that gives much more freedom when controlling playback as well as being easier than having to touch or press any button on the device itself - additionally there's a nice 4-digit display right next to where those buttons lay too!
  • You can charge your smartphone while playing music! All you have to do is plug the built-in USB cable into a power source, and get ready for some tunes.
  • You will be able to have a wonderful time playing your favorite music with the Qoosea. The player can play certain CD types (CD-R, RW, and mp3), audio files from USB drives or SD cards through Bluetooth 4.2 on any enabled device wirelessly thanks to built in bluetooth capabilities. Finally there's an FM tuner that you'll get hooked up for great radio tunes!
  • The player also has some nice additional features like a built-in clock and alarm. The clock includes 12 or 24 hour time with the option to set an AM/PM designation while the alarm can be used for daily reminders, quiet wakeups in early mornings, alerts about important events such as birthdays or appointments on your calendar.
  • The speakers inside this device are so small and light that you might not expect them to be able to produce sound as well. But they can, surprisingly loud in fact!

we don't like

  • The CD player is constantly spinning a needle that’s meant to be in contact with the grooves of the disc. Since there's no cover protecting it, dust and other particles will eventually accumulate on this delicate surface, which could lead to interruption of sound quality or even total damage if left unchecked for too long.
  • It’s important to consider the Qoosea player doesn't have an AM tuner (only FM).
  • The monitor is inconveniently located at the top of this machine, which is very odd. It’s practically impossible to see what's on it if you're mounted up high in a wall space!

6. Upgraded Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, FM Radio

Upgraded Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, FM Radio

For those who want to spend less than $40 and not break the bank, TrophyRak 2021 is a perfect choice. Don’t worry about quality – it’s just as easy on your wallet if you don't go with an expensive name brand game.

we like

  • The Player comes with a power adapter, remote, desk stand mount for your TV or wall plate and screws. The player also includes an AUX cable to connect the device to another audio-video source such as a DVD player or sound system which allows you enjoy music while playing games on your PC, but if not there is still room left for that too! The manual will teach you how easy it is setup up this awesome machine. It even has warranty card in case anything goes wrong with our little toy before its time runs out.
  • TrophyRak player is a sleek and minimalistic choice for anyone wanting to enjoy the sound of their favorite tunes. The entire design is made from hard plastic that has an elegant mesh on one side which protects your speakers while not taking away any sound quality whatsoever.

    The difference between TrophyPak Player's features are clear, as they're all there in this simple circular shape: it contains two different inputs - USB or 3.5mm audio jack input–and also includes Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily stream music wirelessly!
  • The slim design and sleek look of the media player is a delight to behold. The 7-inch LCD display with rotary control for volume, clock mode selection buttons (AM/PM), channel frequency selector button are all housed in an eye catching frame that's compact yet elegant.
  • The left end of the player has a small compartment with physical inputs. The USB port, SD card slot and AUX input/output are all located there. On the bottom is an option for power cables which doubles as your on or off switch – you have to pull it down in order to turn this unit either way!
  • The CD player in your car is an indispensable part of travel. With it, you can listen to all the music that’s been sitting on your shelf for years and finally find out what those old CDs are hiding from you! You have many playback options at your disposal: disc-based media (CD-R, RW) as well as digital files via USB drive or SD card. If Bluetooth connectivity isn’t available but there's a wired connection near by - use AUX cable input instead! Finally – if listening to radio makes up most of how we spend our commute time then try tuning into FM stations using built-in tuner on this system.
  • The built-in speakers are quite tiny, so don’t expect anything spectacular. There is no bass but the mids and highs sound very clear and detailed.

we don't like

  • The player does not have an AM tuner.
  • The display is so small it’s hard to read from a distance, and the placement on the top next to the control buttons makes it impossible for your thumb or fingers not block them.
  • Despite the fact that there is no dust cover for this player, it still has great durability because of its tough exterior.

7. iLive Bluetooth CD Micro Stereo System with Built-in FM Radio

iLive Bluetooth CD Micro Stereo System with Built-in FM Radio

The iLive Bluetooth/CD micro stereo system is the most sophisticated of all 7 best wall-mounted CD players on our list. It provides very reliable performance as well, making it a top choice for any household looking to upgrade their sound and address space concerns with one device!

we like

  • The iLive iHB603B has a simple remote, power adapter, mounting equipment and stand. It includes user manual as well as warranty card for your convenience.
  • The player has a very sleek, sophisticated design with a concave front panel. It looks so clean without any buttons on the entire thing! On the front panel is an inconspicuous CD tray in the middle and two speakers that have black fabric grilles attached to them at either end of it all.
  • On the top, there are 11 buttons. These can be used to control power, modes and alarm settings as well as pairing for a device or adjusting volume level. The controls themselves were intuitive and responsive which made it easy to use them in various scenarios.
  • The back of this device provides you with a convenient way to charge your phone and be able to listen through auxiliary or DC input.
  • The iLive is great for playing CDs and streaming music via Bluetooth. The CD player also allows you to play back audio discs, including the ever-popular CD-RW. For those who want an alternative way of listening to their favorite tunes, this device has a built in FM Radio tuner with up 10 presets available!
  • Digital clock and alarm are nice additional features that we welcome; they can be helpful when setting a reminder or an alarm.
  • The built-in speakers are not powerful and lack bass, but the sound is clear with a balanced tone. You can also use the EQ button to select one of four available presets – pop, rock, classic jazz.

we don't like

  • The iLive iHB603B does not have an AM tuner (only FM). Also, it doesn’t support mp3 CDs and the USB port can only be used for charging.
  • The included remote looks very cheap and flimsy.

We are done with our list of the best CD players on the market. I hope we helped you find a player that is perfect for your needs or at least understand what to pay attention to when shopping around for this type of device. If you want more information, check out our FAQ section and leave us a comment if there's anything else we can help answer!


Q: How do you install a wall-mounted CD player?

Answer: In just 15 minutes, you can install your CD player and enjoy music in the car once again. It all starts with a drill - not so scary, right? You'll also need a screwdriver to complete this project. The mounting template included will tell you where to drill for installation of brackets needed first on top of the dash behind your radio or underdash near an air-conditioning vent--depending on what makes most sense for placement in relation to power plugs nearby. There are two types: one that mounts through holes drilled into metal (or plastic) plates embedded inside each door panel; another type is called "resin" which uses Velcro strips instead of screws and bolts found elsewhere. 

Q: Do high-end CD players make a difference?

Answer: Yes, the difference between high-end and budget CD players really exists. High-end CD players have better quality components than a typical player such as higher grade DACs which result in cleaner power supplies that produce much more detailed sound.

Q: Can I connect a CD player to a Bluetooth speaker?

Answer: If a CD player has Bluetooth transmitter, then yes. But you must check if it really is a Bluetooth transmitter. Most of today's devices with in-built receivers can stream audio from your phone (with built-in transmitters) to speakers within the device itself or through small and portable wireless speaker systems that accompany them (those which are most convenient for use on trips). If you want to wirelessly play music through an external system like this without plugging anything into the wall--or worse yet, dragging bulky equipment around as well--then make sure whatever CD player you have at home also functions as both either.

Q: What is the best wall-mounted CD player?

Answer: You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to your CD player. So many, in fact, that we can't give you one answer as there are just too many variables! Some have better features than others and some cost more money but what's important is finding something with the right combination for you. Luckily this list has seven fantastic candidates from which to choose - don't be afraid to compare them all before making a decision.