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How To Have A Fantastic Water Slide With Minimal Spending

Water Slide

Are you keen on getting quality water slides for your little ones? Check out these top 3 water slide reviews to help make an excellent choice to maximize your kids’ fun!

Inflatable water slides guarantee loads of fun for your little ones. Locating the right water slide helps you max out durability for your kids’ safety and enjoyment.

Cost-effective, safe waterslides could be a bit tricky to find. With so many producers floating inferior waterslides, it is crucial to get an excellent option.

And the best way to get quality water slides is with correct information.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at three of the best tube slides for kids. These water slides come with a roller coaster design and splash pool for an added dose of fun.

So, if you’re keen on assuring your little ones a wild ride, make this collection your guide.

Top Giant Water Slides for Your Little Ones

1. Banzai Inflatable Giant Water Slide – Huge Kids Pool

If you’re searching for a massive water slide to max out fun for your kids, consider this option. It comes with a fourteen-foot long, eight-foot-high, and ten-foot wide dimension.
Such massive dimensions make getting several kids in the pool more comfortable. Also, it comes with a built-in sprinkler for spraying water across the pool for added fun.
A patch kit comes with this inflatable kids pool for easier maintenance if a leak crops up. And with the slide coming with an easy-install build, you can get it set up in two minutes

Inflatable Giant Water Slide - Huge Kids Pool

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  • 14 feet long
  • 8 feet high
  • 10 feet wide
  • Inbuilt sprinkler wave
  • Outdoor surf
  • Patch kit
  • 3lbs net weight
  • Recommended age: 5 months and higher
  • Less than two minute inflation time
  • Surf n’ splash water park design


  • It comes with the right dimensions to support several kids at once
  • Surf n’ splash construction avails your kids more fun in each ride
  • Supports more effortless patching with a built-in repair kit
  • Ideal for kids from five months or older, making it a top choice for children across ages
  • Quick inflation time helps make the most of your kids’ fun


  • Expensive
  • Weighty 

2. ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide

With a free water gun and air blower fitted with a GFCI plug, maxing out your kids’ waterslide is comfier.

And the splash pool on this inflatable slide makes getting your kids’ wild rides less-hassling. The water slide supports two hundred pounds maximum weight and helps enhance multiple children from having fun at once.

The water slide also helps make the most of maxing out kid’s fun across ages. Since it can support kids from three years or older, it’s a brilliant choice for many children.

ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide, Shark Bounce House with Slide for Wet and Dry

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  • Water gun
  • Splash pool
  • Fifteen feet long
  • Eleven feet wide
  • Eight feet high
  • 200lbs maximum weight
  • High-performance air blower with GFCI plug
  • Recommended age: 36 months to ten years age
  • 49lbs net weight


  • CPC-approved bouncer ideal for kids across a wide age range
  • Shark head slide panel gives waterpark a distinctive appearance
  • Four children can fit into this inflatable waterslide without hassle
  • Three-month warranty cover assures more value for money
  • Supports decent weight capacity for allowing more kids to have fun at once


  • Expensive
  • It takes an extra minute longer to set up than most inflatable body slides

3. BOUNTECH Inflatable Bounce House

With a free air blower added to this bounce house, you can comfortably get the tube inflated within moments.

The bounce house set comes with a splash pool, climbing wall, a basketball rim, and water cannons. All these accessories are included to help your kids get more fun when on the slide.

The slide supports kids within three to ten years of age. It is an excellent choice to provide more fun for kids at once with its Oxford shell.

BOUNTECH Inflatable Bounce House, 7-in-1 Water Pool Slide

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  • Seven-in-one water slide
  • 480W air blower
  • Splash pool
  • Climbing wall
  • Water cannons
  • Basketball rim
  • 840D + 420D Oxford shell
  • Recommended age: 36 months to ten years old


  • It comes with four repair patches to elicit comfortable maintenance
  • Has an inflatable ball and assembly kit for more straightforward setup
  • Carrying bag added for easier storage and transportation
  • Features a 480W air blower for more comfortable inflation
  • Durable outer material makes the most of keeping air within the inflated tube


  • It doesn’t support kids younger than thirty-six months old
  • Cannot support children with weights over 115lbs

What to Consider When Selecting Water Slides


Before settling for a water slide set, you need to consider if it comes with a blower or not. Water slides that come with air blowers give buyers more value for money.

Inflation Time

The inflation time of your chosen water slide is integral to getting your kids rollercoaster fun in moments. While some water slides may take excess of four minutes to inflate, other top options are available.

Consider selecting a water slide that inflates within three minutes to guarantee your little ones near-instant fun.


Measurements of your selected water slide help max out use for children across ages.

Maximum Occupancy

Your preferred slide’s maximum occupancy is essential to getting more kids lots of fun. Most water slides on sale come with maximum occupancy ranging from three to ten kids.

Recommended Age

Consider checking out the recommended age of your preferred water slide. Taking a close look at the recommended age makes sure your favored pick fits your kids. Many water slides are rated as ideal for three-year-olds to above ten-year-old kids.

Kit Count

Consider getting a water slide with a comprehensive collection of items for significant maintenance and operation ease.

Many water slides come with patch kits, splash pools, etc., to add more fun for your little ones.

Setup Ease

Make sure you consider the setup ease of your preferred water slide. Your preferred option will be ready for use in moments with access to an easy-install, compactly stored water slide.

Last Slide

Locating the top water slide to max out your children’s fun is less hassling.
If you’re keen on getting your kids the right dose of fun, use this guide to pinpoint an excellent pick. Indeed, you’ll get enhanced satisfaction when you see your kids using the slide without hassle.