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Buy Powerful Xiaomi 4k Laser Projector

When you want to watch your favorite movie or show on the big screen, what do you use? If it's a projector that can show 4k resolution content and is affordable, then Xiaomi has just released the perfect device for you.

The Xiaomi 4k Laser Projector is an ultra-portable device that can project video in 4K resolution up to 130 inches! This makes it easy to connect with friends and family anywhere without having to lug around heavy equipment like televisions!

Projectors can never replace television completely. They are both not in competition, but they can both substitute for each other. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. At this time when TV screen keeps getting larger with more beautiful features, the price is also increasing.

So the best substitute for you is a projector. There are different projectors in the market. Getting in there without having a particular projector in mind will live you confused.

Xiaomi Projector

We have studied the features of the Xiaomi 4k projector, and we can comfortably give a good review. If you are looking to get a projector for your home, office, or just for recreation, the Xiaomi laser projector is the best for you.

Top Features of Xiaomi 4k Laser Projector

  •  It has three legs on the bottom with only two being adjustable
  • You will find the back of the projector to have three HDMI ports with one supporting ARC.
  • It also has USB3.0, 3.5mm audio jack, AV interface, fiber optic audio output and Gigabit network port
  • It has a native 4k UHD with a Dual 0.47DLP
  • It has ultra-short-throw 0.233. The easy count formula is Distance(cm)÷Projector Throw rate÷2.2139=Screen size. So for a 12feet screen, you have 144inch. Then 144 ×2.213×0.233=74cm. The projector light to the wall is 74cm, and the projector backside to the wall is about 30cm.
  • It has ALDP 3.0 Cinema Grade Laser light source
  • It has a contrast ratio 3.0:1(FIFO)
  • It has a true and vivid picture
  • It has high fidelity sound inverter tube, speaker
  • It has dual full frequency and dual high frequency
  • MIJA 4K Laser TV projector light source 5000 Lumens
  • Screen image brightness of 1500 ANSI Lumens
  • It has a life span of more than 25000 hours
  • A logic T968-H quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU
  • 2GB DDR3 Running memory
  • It has two infrared censors at the right hand which helps lower the brightness once a foreign object is sensed to avoid damage to the eyes.
  • 16GB eMMC High-Speed Flash storage
  •  Xiaomi 4k with live TV Direct English support, which you can set up in Aptoide Store, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime video, Kodi, VLC, and more services
  • It has cooling holes, two speaker holes, and four screw holes that is used in installing a bracket
  • It uses ALDP 3.0 technology.
Xiaomi Projector

Why should you buy Xiaomi projector

1.  With its 500ANSI lumens (5000/lumen light source, you no longer need a pitch black. Room to get a good image. This is because the 1500 ANSI Lumens, is an incredible light source that produces a good image even without ambient lighting. So if you are seeking a projector that will give you a good image then it should be Xiaomi.

2.  The projector has no bulbs thereby saving you cost. This is because bulbs need to be replaced every few years once it loses its brightness. With the Led light-emitting diodes, the projector works without bulbs.

3. It has bright beautiful colors that can be termed as realistic

4. You can comfortably get engrossed and enjoy your favorite show with Xiaomi.  You can easily adjust the projection between 80”-150” from 16.7” away from the wall. This is possible because of iits0.2331:1 throw rate projects epic visuals which works with a very marrow proximity

5. You don’t need to twist the zoom and the focus rings to get the exact size you want for your screen because it has auto focus

6. The projector was just designed to soothe you. This is why you can adjust all four corners “IN and OUT”(Keystone adjustment) or you can use the 8 point adjustment

7.       You can get perfect sound while watching your favorite shows. This is because the xXiaomi4k laser projector provides a reverberating, theater-quality sound by partnering with customized duo speakers. The result of them partnering up is that it now produces constant vibrant, accurate, and beautiful sound which culminates in a great superb audio-visual experience.

8.       You can watch your favorite shows while walking around the house without blocking the next viewer. This is very beneficial for people who have kids in the house. This is possible because of its ultra-short throw feature

9.       You can freely install your apps. You can do this by installing them from a computer to a USB memory stick, and then to your projector.

10.   Your shipping can be safe and trustworthy. This is because the company stated that they open every pack before they shop out.  This is to ensure adequate pairing of a correct power cable and other contents.

11.The delivery doesn’t take long as it can arrive within 3-7days

12. It supports DLP active 3D based on its DLP technology and this gives room for clearer images

13. Its safety feature helps you shut off the laser when not in use.

14. You can easily replace the lens because the projector has two baffles hiding the screws fixing the motherboard. So when your lens needs replacement, Xiaomi will come in with a new motherboard replacing both components and in turn giving you a new laser projector.

15. Its ALDP technology helps in improving brightness and contrast.

What should keep in mind before buy Xiaomi projector

1. If you get the international version you might as well be procuring further expenses for yourself. This is because you will have to get an extra 10 or 15 dollar adaptor plug. In some cases, you might have to buy a 10’ or 12’foot cords to get the foot cord to the wall

2. For people who don’t like stress, you might not like the fact that you will have to search the web for Chinese to English menu conversion app. You will further install it to the USB port on the back of the projector and follow the directions on the apk location.

3. The fact that you will find so many Chinese apps that comes with the projector might get you worked up. The bad news is that they are not removable. You can remove the apps you installed by yourself but not the Chinese one.


We have established that projector can serve as a very good substitute for television. All you need do is to get a good projector that will give you the comfort and satisfaction you desire. Xiomi 4k laser projector has it’s pros and cons.

Despite this, you can still say that it is a very good projector for people who need a high quality projector.